Hot Prospect Rankings - 4/28/06

Hitting is down across the minor leagues this year, but two hitters still rule the roost in the long can they hold on? One may not have to...he could be off the list and in the majors very soon!

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Kevin Frandsen (3) His performance leveled out this week, but a rumored major league callup puts him over the top!
2 Eddy Martinez-Esteve(1) We admit it, we jinxed him. After our comments, his hit streak ended. But he's still one of the top all-around hitters in the Eastern League
3 Dan Griffin (4) Griffin is average just over 4 innings a start, but is dominating the rest of the way, with a 1.06 ERA and 20 K's in 17 innings, with 7 walks.
4 Nick Pereira (10) Pereira is quickly making a case for being one of the next big prospects. He's 3-0 with a 1.13 ERA, with 23 K's and 4 walks in 24 innings, and just 13 hits allowed.
5 Pat Misch (12) Connecticut's run into some problems, but Misch hasn't been one of them. He has the best ERA in the rotation (1.13) and 19 K's vs. 9 walks in 24 innings.
6 Chris Begg (5) Begg has had some problems, raising his ERA to 2.00 while taking a couple of losses, but his 0.74 WHIP shows that he's still very effective on the mound.
7 Jonathan Sanchez (2) A big fall for Jonathan as he gets controversially moved to relief and struggled in his first bullpen outing. A move back to the rotation hopefully is coming.
8 Joseph Martinez (11) Martinez's ERA has gone up to 3.68, but he's still part of the glue holding Augusta together. 20 K's and 3 walks in 22 innings isn't a bad thing.
9 Nate Schierholtz (9) Schierholtz's hitting is holding steady. He's hitting, but not for power. His strikeout rate is rising too quickly, though.
10 Merkin Valdez (14) Valdez picked up his second save now with Wilson out of town. But that 3.12 ERA isn't very closer-like.
11 Fred Lewis (15) Lewis' comeback from injury is going fairly well. He hit his 2nd home run, and is batting .326/.420/.512, but no attempted steals for the speed player is worrisome.
12 Brian Horwitz (7) Maybe Horwitz doesn't deserve to be this low, but he's so consistent you come to expect 1-2 hits a game from him, and it stops getting exciting.
13 Garrett Broshuis (NR) Just more of the same from Connecticut's control specialist. No decisions yet in 3 starts, but a 2.00 ERA and a team low 0.50 WHIP.
14 Adam Shabala (NR) Shabala, not really a prospect anymore, has been stepping up, leading Fresno in RBI and taking more walks than strikeouts. He's even played third when needed! He's hitting .407/.500/.559 on the year.
15 Travis Ishikawa (6) Ishikawa still hasn't appeared since fouling a ball off his foot last week in his minor league return. Connecticut does miss him.

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