Series Preview: Padres vs. Giants

The Giants just had another wild series against Arizona this past weekend, and are getting ready to welcome the Padres for a two game quickie before heading off on the road again. The Padres have not been having an impressive April, coming in with a losing record. However, these two division rivals will be going at it to get whatever advantage they can get in another season of weak NL West.

Game #1: Jake Peavy (1-3, 5.17) vs. Jamey Wright (2-1, 3.34)
Making the start for San Diego in the series opener will be notorious Giants' killer, Peavy. There is no doubt that Peavy has dominated the Giants in his career, and the numbers prove it. Barry Bonds is just 6-23 against Peavy with three doubles and three jacks. Pedro Feliz, who's still struggling at the plate, is 4-19 with a double and a homerun, and Randy Winn is 3-13 with a double. Other dominating numbers include a 3-13 by the hot hitting Moises Alou, a 1-13 by Mike Matheny and 2-12 by Omar Vizquel. Peavy's only win this season has also been against the Giants.

Wright has been the Giants' most consistently good starting pitcher, so he's the best candidate to go up against Peavy the Giants' killer. Ryan Klesko is just 10-39 against Wright with four doubles and two jacks. Brian Giles is 11-30 with three doubles and one homerun, but Mike Piazza is just 2-16 without any extra base hits.

The Edge: Tie
Although Peavy has no doubt dominated the Giants in the past, this season he has been struggling, and Wright on the other hand, has been doing very well, which balances out the odds.

Game #2: Woody Williams (1-1, 3.04) vs. Matt Morris (2-1, 5.19)
The Giants' lineup has done well against Williams for the most part. Alou is 13-43 with four doubles and a roundtripper, and Vizquel is 11-26 with a jack. However, Steve Finley is just 9-40 against williams with two doubles and three homeruns, and Bonds is only 3-18 with two doubles and one four-bagger.

After two outstanding starts, Morris had one bad outing in his last start. He'll look to turn things back around in his favor. Vinny Castilla is just 6-34 against Morris with one homer, and Eric Young is 9-34 with a double and one rountripper. However, Piazza is 10-29 with two doubles, and Giles is 10-26 with two doubles. Mike Cameron is also 6-12, and Klesko is 9-25.

The Edge: Tie
Obviously, this series will be a toss-up. The Giants have done well against Williams in the past, and Morris' numbers are split against the Padres' lineup. However, Williams has been doing a better job at keeping the offense in check with a lower ERA than Morris has, although most of the damage to Morris' numbers are from his last start.

Closing it Out: Trevor Hoffman (3, 1.29) vs. Armando Benitez (1, 0.00)
Hoffman has always put the Giants away with no problem, but he's had a lack of save opportunities in the first month of the season. Alou is just 4-22 with a double and two homers, and Finley is only 3-18 with a jack. Bonds is 5-18 with two roundtrippers, and Feliz is 4-13 with one homerun.

Benitez still hasn't established himself as the dominate closer he once was. However, the numbers are in his favor against the Padres' lineup. Giles is 1-9, Piazza is 1-8 and Cameron is 0-8 against Benitez without any extra base hits. Klesko is 2-8 with a double, and Castilla is 2-7 with a double.

The Edge: Padres
If it comes down to it, the Padres have the advantage in relieving. The Giants' woes have mostly come from the bullpen unable to keep a game close, but the Padres still have one of the best closers in the league. Benitez has yet to make his presence dominating on the mound.

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