Series Preview: Giants vs. Brewers

The Giants had a 5-5 homestand, and are now hitting the road again. Their first stop will be in Milwaukee against the Brewers, who have actually posted a winning record so far this season. The Giants also evened out their own season at 13-13, and they're hoping to shift things back to a winning percentage in another quick two-game series.

Game #1: Jason Schmidt (1-2, 4.76) vs. Dave Bush (2-2, 4.24)
Schmidt showed good signs of returning to himself in his last outing. He has done well against the Brewers in the past, with only Jeff Cirillo doing well against him. Cirillo is 7-17 with a double. Damian Miller is 3-16 with two doubles, and Geoff Jenkins is just 2-16 with one double against Schmidt.

Bush has only faced three Giants in his career. Randy Winn is 2-7 with two strikeouts against Bush, and Omar Vizquel is 1-6 with two more punchouts. Steve Finley is 1-3 against Bush.

The Edge: Giants
Bush has had a decent season so far, but Schmidt is really showing signs of settling down and being strong off the mound again. Schmidt has also had good history against the Brewers, but Bush has only faced three of the Giants, which will be a disadvantage.

Game #2: Brad Hennessey (2-0, 2.79) vs. Doug Davis (1-2, 6.39)
Hennessey continues to pitch consistently well this season. He has not faced many of the Brewers, but has kept most of them in check. The only current Brewer with a hit against Hennessey is Brady Clark, who is 3-6, but withouit any extra base hits. Slugger Jenkins is 0-6 with one strikeout, and neither Bill Hall or Miller have two strikeouts against Hennessey without any hits.

Davis has been strugging this season. Moises Alou, expected to be back in the lineup after two days off, is 8-24 with two doubles, two triples and one jack. Vizquel is 5-22 with a double and a homerun, but Mike Matheny is just 1-8, with the one hit being a roundtripper. Winn is 4-7, but Pedro Feliz and Jose Vizcaino are both just 1-6 against Davis.

The Edge: Giants
Hennessey is pitching really well this season, and Davis has been struggling. Hennessey has also had one of his best major league starts against the Brewers.

Closing it Out: Armando Benitez (1, 0.00) vs. Derrick Turnbow (9, 1.64)
Benitez did not get a chance to save in the past two-game series against San Diego, but that will hopefully change as the once dominate closer will look to regain his spot. His numbers look good against the Brewers' lineup. Cirillo is just 1-10 with six strikeouts, Jenkins is 1-8 with four strikeouts and Clark is only 1-6. The only Brewer with an extra base hit against Benitez is Corey Koskie, who has a double in one at-bat.

Turnbow has limited experience against the Giants. Feliz and Vizcaino are both 1-2 against Turnbow. The rest of the Giants do not have any hits against Turnbow, or they haven't faced him before.

The Edge: Brewers
Turnbow has had a very dominating season. Benitez is still yet to prove himself as dominating, and Milwaukee has no problem going into the late innings with a one or two run lead.

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