Series Preview: Cubs vs. Giants

The Giants have momentum in their favor as they teed off on one of the game's toughest pitchers behind the return of Noah Lowry in the make-up game against the Houston Astros. The Cubs have lost 7 in a row before this series. The Giants will welcome the Cubs to San Francisco for a three-game set, and the city will welcome back Dusty Baker, and fan favorite, Scott Eyre.

Game #1: Rich Hill (0-1, 11.25) vs. Jason Schmidt (2-2, 3.77)
Hill has only faced six Giants in his career. Vizquel has the most success against Hill, going 2-3. Pedro Feliz is 1-3, Mike Matheny is 1-2 with a double and Lance Niekro is 0-2.

Schmidt was superb in his last start, going all the way without giving up any runs. He had another complete game against the Cubs in his career, and it'll be a longshot hoping for him to do the same this series, but let's hope he keeps up his domination on the mound. Derrek Lee is only 6-27 against Schmidt with one jack and 11 strikeouts. Michael Barrett is just 4-20 with one homerun, and John Mabry is 1-16 with eight punchouts. Former Giant Neifi Perez is 6-20 with one roundtripper, Aramis Ramirez is 5-18 with three doubles and one jack and speedy Juan Pierre is 5-17 with a triple.

Game #2: Carlos Zambrano (0-2, 4.43) vs. Matt Cain (1-4, 6.27)
Zambrano has been struggling so far this season. Jose Vizcaino has the most at-bats against him, going 6-19. Vizquel has also done well, going 3-7 with a double. However, Matheny is just 3-16 with six strikeouts against Zambrano, and Feliz is 0-8.

Cain is still struggling so far this season. He has only faced five players in the Cubs' lineup. Lee and Jerry Hairston, Jr. are both 1-4 against Cain, Lee with a jack and Hairston with two strikeouts. Todd Walker, Perez and Barrett are all 0-3.

Game #3: Sean Marshall (2-0, 3.12) vs. Jamey Wright (2-3, 4.61)
Marshall has never faced anyone in the Giants' lineup.

Wright has been struggling in his last few starts, and in his last start he was a victim of lack of run support. Ramirez is only 6-29 with a double and six strikeouts against Wright, and Lee is just 3-13. Mabry is 8-25 with a double, Pierre is 7-14 with a double and a homerun, and Walker is 3-11.

Closing it Out: Ryan Dempster (7, 1.80) vs. Armando Benitez (2, 0.00)
Dempster has been doing well this season in the midst of the Cubs' woes. Finley has the most at-bats against Dempster, going 8-22 with two homeruns. Barry Bonds is 6-10 with a double and a triple against Dempster, but Randy Winn is 1-15. Vizcaino is just 2-13, and Vizquel is only 1-4.

Benitez finally got a chance to get a save in the last game. He now sits at two saves, and still hasn't given up a run. He will look to dominate the Cubs, who have not done well against him. Lee is just 2-13 with a double, Barrett is 1-11 with four strikeouts. Walker is 2-9 with a jack, and Perez is 2-7. The only Cub with success against Benitez is Pierre, who is 3-6.

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