Series Preview: Giants vs. A's

The Giants exploded offensively in Houston as they hammered the Astros by scoring over 30 runs in the series. They hope to bring their bats to their neighbors across the bay. While they'll still be sleeping in their own beds, they will still be the away team as they start their first interleague play this season. The A's are also on a roll, winning their last four games.

Game #1: Noah Lowry (1-0, 4.11) vs. Dan Haren (3-3, 4.40)
Lowry struggled a little in his last start after putting up an excellent outing in his return from the DL. He'll look to bounce back against the A's and his former roommate in college. Mark Kotsay is 2-8 against Lowry with a double. Jay Payton is 1-7, Eric Chavez and Antonio Perez are both 1-6 with three strikeouts each. Jason Kendall is 2-5 and Bobby Kielty is 3-5 with a double, and they have the best numbers on the team against Lowry.

Haren has been struggling this season. Luckily for him, the injured Moises Alou is 8-14 with two doubles and two jacks against Haren. Ray Durham is 3-12 with two doubles, and the hot hitting Pedro Feliz is 1-11 with two punchouts. Randy Winn is 1-10 with five strikeouts, and Omar Vizquel is 1-8 with three strikeouts.

The Edge: Tie
The match-up has always been exciting when these former roommates pitch against each other. Lowry is making only his fourth start of the season, and Haren has been on and off throughout the season.

Game #2: Jason Schmidt (3-2, 3.20) vs. Brad Halsey (1-2, 3.21)
Schmidt is continuing his dominance in his last three starts. Kotsay is 7-26 with two doubles and Kendall is just 3-17 with one jack. Jay Payton is 9-22 with two doubles and two roundtrippers, and Milton Bradley is 3-10 with a double and two strikeouts.

Halsey is making a start in place of the injured Rich Harden. He has limited experience against the Giants' lineup. Feliz is 5-9 with a double and a homerun, Jason Ellison is 3-9 with a double and Vizquel is 3-7. Lance Niekro is just 2-9 with a double and a roundtripper, and Durham is just 1-6.

The Edge: Giants
Schmidt has been dominate in his last starts. He wasn't exceptional in his last start, but Halsey is struggling this season. The Giants haven't seen Halsey much, and Schmidt has good numbers against the A's.

Game #3: Brad Hennessey (3-1, 2.87) vs. Joe Blanton (4-4, 5.84)
Hennessey may be making a spot start in place of Cain, but it is likely that Cain will make the start. Hennessey has only faced two A's. Perez and Bradley are both 0-1. Cain has not faced any of the A's. Hopefully he has worked out any kinks in his mechanics as signs looked good when he came out of the bullpen in Houston.

Blanton has also struggled this season. Steve Finley is just 2-9 with two jacks, but Ellison is 0-7. Vizquel is 2-6, and Feliz is 3-5 with a homerun.

The Edge: Giants
Hennessey has had a better season than Blanton, but Cain has been doing worse than Blanton. However, as it stands, Hennessey will be making the start, and hopefully facing a team he's never pitched against before, Cain will do much better.

Closing it Out: Armando Benitez (2, 0.00) vs. Huston Street (6, 5.11)
In the Giants' last series, there was no need for saving, so Benitez still sits on two saves. Kotsay is 3-9 with a double and a homerun against Benitez. Bradley is just 1-8 with two strikeouts, but Kendall is 2-6 with a double, and Frank Thomas is 2-4 with a jack.

The 2005 Rookie of the Year has been struggling this season. He has only faced four Giants in his career. Finley is 1-4 with a four bagger against Street. Feliz is 0-1, and Durham has faced him once and drew a walk.

The Edge: Tie
Street has been struggling and Benitez still hasn't had a chance to earn a save in the last series.

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