Hot Prospect Rankings - 5/26/06

Players are getting promoted, a hitting star has been MIA with an injury, and two top pitching prospects are in slumps (one falls out of the rankings altogether!). So what's left? A surprising Ace in San Jose, two in Connecticut and a former top draft pick who's out of a slump!

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Nick Pereira (1) His ERA has climbed to 1.51, but that's still nearly a full point lead over the 2nd place guy in the California League. He's simply dominated a hitter's league.
2 Jonathan Sanchez (5) Well, the bullpen move seems to be sticking, since he just got called to the majors. The 1.15 ERA with 46 K's against 9 walks in 31.1 innings says he's getting it done.
3 Pat Misch (4) Misch is sticking as the best pitcher in the Connecticut rotation, with a 4-1 record, but...
4 Garrett Broshuis (7) Broshuis has quietly become one of the top guys as well, and could overtake Misch if he keeps it up.
5 Ben Copeland (15) Copeland makes a huge jump, as a hot streak in May brought him from under .200 to .261 in batting average, and all his numbers are improving.
6 Fred Lewis (6) The truth is, Lewis has been slumping and should've dropped, but with the list losing players to injury and promotion, here he is. While he's slumped, he's taken so many walks his OBP (.393) is higher than his slugging percentage (.381).
7 Eddy Martinez-Esteve (3) He's had no action this week thanks to a shoulder injury, but rumors abound he'll be returning soon.
8 Sergio Romo (14) Romo made only his 2nd start of the season, but a 2.50 ERA and 42 K's with 8 walks in 39.2 innings makes him someone exciting to watch.
9 Anthony Contreras (12) Through Copeland's early struggles, Contreras' play and consistent hitting at the top of the order has kept Augusta competitive.
10 Michael Mooney (NR) He might be old for the SAL, but he turned on the power this week (3 home runs) and leads the team in OPS (.880).
11 Brian Horwitz (8) Horwitz takes a hit as a push all the way to Triple-A hurt him, batting only .125 in Fresno through 5 games. But he's back in San Jose now!
12 Alexander Hinshaw (13) Hinshaw continues to do well in San Jose, though he still has a high walkrate (18 in 31 innings). Hard to argue with the 2.03 ERA and 4-0 record, though.
13 Dan Griffin (11) A June swoon has come early as Griffin's ERA has shot up to 4.93. But there's still reason to believe he can turn it around.
14 Nate Schierholtz (9) It's not that he hasn't been hitting, but it's been scattered and his power has once again disappeared, though Connecticut's regular rainout probably have had an affect.
15 Michael Tejera (NR) Tejera, a minor league free agent and a left-handed sidearmer, is making a name as he has helped stablize a struggling Fresno rotation, and has a 2.59 ERA in the hitter friendly PCL.

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