Series Preview: Giants vs. Marlins

The Giants won a series against the Rockies to gain some ground in the NL West. They will need to keep on winning if they want to make their way back to first in the division. They head to the East Coast to face off with the struggling Marlins, who after unloading this offseason are having a nightmare of a season to say the least.

Game #1: Matt Morris (3-5, 5.49) vs. Scott Olsen (2-3, 6.64)
Matt Morris continues to struggle this season. He'll look to bounce back against a ballclub with a lineup that he's hasn't seen much, but the Marlins' lineup is full of names who are not well known because they're all players who have been brought up this season. Wes Helms is 7-20 with a double and a jack, and Miguel Cabrera is 3-11 with a homerun. Matt Treanor is 1-2 and Mike Jacobs is 2-3 against Morris with two doubles.

Olsen has never faced any of the Giants before.

The Edge: Giants
Although Morris is severely struggling, Olsen is having a worse season. His first year in the majors has not been a nice one, and even Morris, as bad as he's doing so far, is having a better season.

Game #2: Noah Lowry (1-2, 3.62) vs. Brian Moehler (2-4, 6.80)
Lowry had his first struggling outing in his last start. He'll look to bounce back against a lineup that he hasn't seen much of, but no one on the team has a hit against Lowry. Cabrera is 0-5, Miguel Olivo is 0-3 with two strikeouts, and Treanor is 0-1 with a punchout and a walk.

Moehler has been a journeyman pitcher who's had a good amount of experience against the Giants' lineup. Ray Durham is 11-38 with a double and three triples. Omar Vizquel is 5-18, Randy Winn is 9-15 with three doubles, Mike Matheny is 5-14, Todd Greene is 4-12 with two homeruns and Steve Finley is 3-5 with a double and a triple.

The Edge: Giants
Lowry did have one bad outing, but he's still got the stuff. Moehler is continuing a frustrating career. The Giants' lineup has good numbers against Moehler as well.

Game #3: Jason Schmidt (4-2, 2.78) vs. Josh Johnson (4-2, 2.18)
Schmidt has even less experience against the Marlins. Helms is 1-3 with two strikeouts against Schmidt, Cabrera is 0-3 with two punchouts and Jacobs is 0-2.

Johnson has not faced any of the Giants' lineup. However, this rookie is the only starter with a winning record on the Marlins.

The Edge: Giants
Even though the numbers are virtually identical, this Marlin has yet to live up to Schmidt. He has good numbers, but Schmidt has had an excellent career and a team that can, more or less, score runs for him.

Closing it Out: Armando Benitez (3, 0.87) vs. Joe Borowski (5, 4.42)
Benitez finally notched another save in the Rockies' series. He'll look for more against Florida. Helms is 1-4 against Benitez. Alfredo Amezaga, Olivo, Cabrera and Jacobs are all 0-1 against Benitez.

Borowski has limited experience against the Giants' lineup. Jose Vizcaino is 3-6 with a double, and Barry Bonds is 2-4 with a double and a roundtripper. Finley is 1-3 and Matheny is 1-2 against Borowski.

The Edge: Giants
Surprisingly, there is a closer in the league that Benitez can surpass at this time of the season. Benitez was a little shaky in his last outing, but did manage to get his third save of the year.

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