Hot Prospect Rankings - 6/02/06

The heat rankings return, but the system is beset by slumps, injuries and callups. So who's left on the list? How about the best starter in the California League, or a league leader in steals? See who's hot and who's not in the last rankings before the draft!

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Nick Pereira (1) Pereira's ERA continues to climb, and he suffered his first loss, but once his sinker starts working again, he should be right on track.
2 Pat Misch (3) Misch's climb continues, as other AA pitchers have been beset with problems, his 1.61 ERA is good for 4th in the Eastern League.
3 Ben Copeland (5) Copeland's cooled off hitting wise, but an increase in walks have kept him on the bases and working hard.
4 Todd Linden (NR) Linden from out of nowhere onto the list? Yep, he's back from injury and brings some needed offense to a Fresno team that needs it.
5 Garrett Broshuis (4) Broshuis had a bad start, and his ERA is down to 3.20, but he's still been one of the strongest in the Connecticut rotation.
6 Sergio Romo (8) Romo is back to the bullpen, but his performances there have been dominating.
7 Fred Lewis (6) Lewis still isn't making consistent content, but he has 35 walks in 155 at bats, and his on base percentage is now over .400 despite a .271 batting average.
8 Brian Horwitz (11) Back in San Jose, Horwitz is hitting again. While his .320 average is low for him, his 30 RBI are welcome on a team in need of scoring.
9 Michael Mooney (10) Mooney leads Augusta in slugging (.503) after hitting 4 home runs in the last two weeks, adding 9 doubles and 3 triples. But he also has 12 stolen bases and hasn't been caught yet.
10 Anthony Contreras (9) Contreras and Mooney switch places, if only for Mooney's slugging this past week.
11 Travis Ishikawa (NR) And look who's back. Ishikawa still hasn't been the most impressive guy in the minors with injuries, but he has looked good since coming back, raising his average to .262.
12 Michael Tejera (15) For all of Fresno's troubles, Tejera's 2.59 ERA leads the rotation, and believe it or not, he leads the team in batting, with 6 hits in 12 at bats.
13 Dan Griffin (13) After an encouraging start, Griffin's troubles continue, as walks mount and outings get shorter. Is the bullpen in his future?
14 Eddy Martinez-Esteve (7) Injuries continue to keep EME out of the lineup. When will he be back?
15 Marcus Sanders (NR) And another returnee to the list. Sanders has had a tough time of it in San Jose, but he's dragged his average back up to .224 and is one of the league leaders in stolen bases.

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