SFDugout.com Interview: Emmanuel Burriss

Everyone's talking about the 10th overall pick Tim Lincecum, but the Giants had ANOTHER first rounder (in the sandwich round). With that pick, they tabbed speedy shortstop Emmanuel Burriss from Kent State. Only on SFDugout.com, you can see what he has to say about being drafted and coming to the Giants.

SFDugout.com: You are one of the base-stealers on your team, and were the MVP of the Cape Cod league with 37 steals.  Can you tell us about that?

Burriss: Well, I was given the opportunity to play and, once I got the opportunity for the right people to see me, I think that I just did what I had to do in terms of playing for the team.  I was playing as hard as I could for the team and they appreciated that and the right people saw that I was doing the right things for the team, and I ended up doing pretty well.

SFDugout.com: Do you pattern your game after any type of player or style?

Burriss: My favorite player was Roberto Alomar when he was playing, and right now I love Jose Reyes, and those type of players are the type of players that my game is really similar to anyway.  That’s the type of game that I like, and it works out real well for me.

SFDugout.com: Yea, the Giants could really use a base-stealer and guy at the top of the lineup.  Where do you see yourself playing in the pros with the Giants?

Burriss: Hopefully shortstop.  I would love to play shortstop, it’s the position I’ve been at my whole life.  But as excited as I am right now just to be able to play, I think if I was to move to another position I don’t think it would make any difference to me, just because I want to play that bad.

SFDugout.com: How do you feel about being drafted by the Giants?

Burriss: It’s exciting.  I’ve never been to California, never seen the Giants play, I’ve only seen them on TV, so I think it would be a good opportunity for me to get away and go see the world.   I think whoever the Giants would’ve got would’ve been equally excited just because I’m ready to play. I think it’s a little more exciting for me because Omar Vizquel’s the shortstop, maybe I can get a chance to meet him and learn some things from him.

SFDugout.com:  I saw you grew up in Washington D.C.  What made you pick Kent State as your college?

Burriss: I was recruited to go to George Washington [University] by Jeff Waggoner, he was the coach there, and about a day and a half before I was about to sign to go to George Washington, he got the job at Kent State.  And since he was the one who recruited me, he asked me to come to take a look at Kent State, and the second I did I knew that was the school for me.  It fit perfectly, there was nice people up there, great coaches, it was just a great fit.

SFDugout.com: Do you expect to sign quickly, or do you have any kind of expectations for how you expect your negotiations to go?

Burriss: I hope they go as quickly as possible, because I’m ready to go play.  I’ve been sitting around for a week or so not being able to play at all, so hopefully they can just go as quickly as possible and I can get into the system and get myself back into playing shape.

SFDugout.com: Well thank you for your time.  Good luck this year and we hope to see you with the Giants very soon!

Burriss: Thank you very much!

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