Series Preview: Giants vs. Mariners

It's interleague time again! After taking the series from division rivals Arizona, the Giants get set to kick off interleague play, making their first stop in Seattle against the struggling Mariners. The Mariners were just swept by the A's, and they'll be sending up their best pitchers up against the Giants.

Game #1: Noah Lowry (2-4, 3.50) vs. Felix Hernandez (6-6, 4.94)
Lowry has been a victim of a lack of offense lately. He hopes that will change with the Giants' bats surging coming out of Arizona. He'll be going up against a foreign lineup as he's only faced one player, Adrian Beltre, on the Mariners. Beltre is 1-3 with a double and a strikeout against Lowry.

Hernandez has never faced any of the Giants' lineup. He is having a decent season, either being really good or really bad.

The Edge: Giants
Lowry has been pitching really well for the Giants, but Hernandez remains a mystery. This may turn into a pitching duel, so offense will play a big factor.

Game #2: Jason Schmidt (6-2, 2.46) vs. Gil Meche (6-4, 4.46)
Schmidt has been lights out in the month of May, and it carried over in his first start in June. He hopes to continue his success against a team he hasn't faced much because of the different leagues. Beltre is only 5-38 against Schmidt with one double and 13 strikeouts. Carl Everett is 4-21 with a triple and four punch outs, and Richie Sexson is 2-12 with a double. Roberto Petagine and Raul Ibanez are the only ones with at-bats against Schmidt, but no hits.

Meche is having a solid season. Omar Vizquel is 5-9 with a jack against him, but Steve Finley is 1-8 with a homer. Ray Durham is 1-5 with a double, and the former Mariner, Randy Winn, is 1-3.

The Edge: Giants
Schmidt has been unstoppable and didn't get his seventh win only because the bullpen didn't come through. He may have to pitch a complete game if he wants to win, but Schmidt has definitely got the advantage over Meche.

Game #3: Jamey Wright (5-6, 4.48) vs. Jamie Moyer (3-6, 3.80)
Wright has been pitching well lately, and he'll face a club that he hasn't seen much either. Beltre is 7-19 against Wright with a double, Everett is 6-10 with a double and Ibanez is 1-3.

Moyer is having another good season for Seattle. Vizquel is 20-53 with four doubles and one round tripper against Moyer. Durham is 7-35 with two jacks, and Barry Bonds is 8-32 with five homers. Winn is 7-16 with three doubles and a triple.

The Edge: Tie
Wright has been pitching well this season, but Moyer has been better. However, the Giants do have good career numbers against Moyer, which brings the advantage down to a tie.

Closing it Out: Armando Benitez (4, 1.76) vs. Eddie Guardado (5, 5.30)
Benitez is still only at four saves, and he went into the game for some work on Wednesday's blow-out and allowed two runners on but no runs scored. Sexson is 2-8 against Benitez with a jack, Beltre is 1-7, Everett is 2-5 with a double and Ichiro Suzuki is 0-1.

Another closer that's struggling this season is Guardado. Even though he has one more save than Benitez, his ERA is horrendous for a closer. Vizquel is 7-27 with two doubles against Guardado, but the rest of the Giants have done nothing against him. Durham is 1-10 with four strikeouts, Winn is 0-5 with two punch outs and Jose Vizcaino is 0-2 against Guardado.

The Edge: Tie
These are probably the two most unproductive closers in the game right now. However, Guardado does have great numbers against the Giants in his career, but so does Benitez. The closing role will be a toss-up in this series.

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