Hot Prospect Rankings - 6/22/06

The Giants had their top draft pick in nearly a decade, he isn't signed yet, but is he on the list? Promotions, demotions, hot and cold streaks, where do they all land? Summer's here, and the Hot Prospects are hotter than ever!

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Nick Pereira (1) For a brief, very brief moment, the #2 guy on this list overtook him, but then Pereira got promoted to Triple-A and named to the Futures team. Yep, the top spot is still his.
2 Tim Lincecum (NR) And he's not even signed yet. But the buzz is there, and the moment he's on a diamond, Lincecum might be the most talented guy in the system.
3 Pat Misch (2) Misch had a problem briefly, but he's still one of the top starters in the Eastern League with a 2.46 ERA.
4 Todd Linden (4) His comeback from injury hasn't been fast, but it's been happening, slowly but surely. He's still one of the top hitting prospects near the majors.
5 Fred Lewis (7) Lewis has been streaky at times, but a superb one base percentage (47 BB in 225 AB) has kept him afloat.
6 Michael Mooney (9) Mooney was named to an All-Star team, and while he hasn't been red hot, he's possibly been the most consistent, well-rounded offensive player in the system.
7 Brian Anderson (NR) He's been ignored by this list, but no more. 1.23 ERA, 20 saves, 43 K's and 12 BB in 36.2 IP gets you recognized.
8 Travis Ishikawa (11) Travis had a rough time in his most recent major league stint, striking out 1 of every 2 at bats. But his minor league performance is slowly improving.
9 Dan Griffin (13) Griffin has begun to get back some of the heat he had early on, lowering his ERA to 3.92 on the year. Hits remain a problem.
10 Brian Horwitz (8) Horwitz was just starting to get back on track in the California League, then he got promoted to Double-A, where he played first base mostly.
11 Ryan Rohlinger (NR) Of all the new draftees, Rohlinger is off to a hot start. The former Sooner has 3 doubles while going 7 for 12 on the young season.
12 Osiris Matos (NR) Matos has quietly been one of the best relievers in Augusta, with a 2.55 ERA, and 47 K's against 7 walks in 35.1 innings
13 Ben Copeland (3) Copeland has gone a bit colder, but he now has two home runs, both shots to lead off games.
14 Anthony Contreras (10) Contreras doesn't slug much, with only 10 doubles and 2 triples, but he has been one of Augusta's most consistent hitters and versatile infielders.
15 Matt Palmer (NR) Palmer replaced Sanchez in the rotation when Sanchez made his move to the bullpen. Since then, he's led the Eastern League in ERA. Now he's gotten a promotion to Triple-A, too.

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