Series Preview: Rockies vs. Giants

"Who's Got the Edge" is back, but more importantly, so is the Giants' win record. Sure, it's just one game for now, but it beats being in the loss column ten times in a row. The G-men will look to turn things completely around from here on out to climb back on top of a still fighting NL West division.

Game #1: Jeff Francis (8-9, 3.63) vs. Matt Morris (8-8, 4.61)
Pedro Feliz is 4-21 against Francis with a double and a triple. Ray Durham is 10-20 with five doubles and a jack, but Randy Winn is only 1-11 with four punchouts. Omar Vizquel is 3-10 with two doubles, but Steve Finley is 1-10 and Moises Alou is 2-9 with one jack.

Morris pitched really well after sitting out due to a line drive that hit off his right forearm. He pitched a scoreless game until a rain delay in Pittsburgh, which obviously chased him from the game when it resumed. Morris has good career numbers against the Rockies. Slugger Todd Helton is 7-21 with a triple and three jacks against Morris and Clint Barnes is 3-4 with three doubles. The rest of the team has done poorly against Morris, including a 0-5 by former Giant Yorvit Torrealba, a 1-5 by Jamey Carroll and 0-5 by Luis A. Gonzalez.

The Edge: Tied
Both Francis and Morris have been having an on and off season. Morris did really well after a frightening moment by taking a line drive off his pitching arm, but it seems he revcovered nicely. Francis has a solid ERA, but his record doesn't back it.

Jason Jennings (7-9, 3.58) vs. Noah Lowry (5-7, 4.50)
Finley is 10-31 with a double and four strikeouts against Jennings. Barry Bonds is 9-24 with two doubles and two four-baggers, Shea Hillenbrand is 7-23 with a double and two jacks, Feliz is 7-21 with two homers and Durham is 5-15. Vizquel is 4-11 with two doubles, but Alou is just 1-9 with the one hit being a homerun.

Lowry had a solid outing in his last start, but a big inning by the Pirates was enough to give him his seventh loss. Barnes is 6-17 against Lowry with two homeruns, and Matt Holliday is 4-15 with a round tripper and three strikeouts. Helton is only 2-10 with a double and a four-bagger, but Gonzalez is 3-9 and Garrett Atkins is 3-7 with a double.

The Edge: Rockies
Jennings has become the Rockies' ace, but his record doesn't reflect his pitching. Like Francis, he has had a solid season, but his record doesn't show it. Lowry is starting to come around, but he is still making some location mistakes.

Aaron Cook (7-9, 3.79) vs. Matt Cain (7-8, 4.74)
The Giants have decent numbers against Cook. Durham is 8-21 with three triples and a homerun, Bonds is 9-17 with a double and a four-bagger, but Feliz is only 2-15 with three strikeouts. Vizquel is 5-8 with a triple and a round tripper, Alou is 4-8 with a jack and Finley is 3-7 with a double.

Cain had a great outing in his last start, but the bullpen let him down. He'll look to dominate once again against the Rockies. Cain has really good numbers against Colorado. Atkins is 3-7 with a double, but the rest of the team has nothing else to brag about. Helton is 1-8 with a jack, Cory Sullivan is 0-6, Barnes is 0-5 and Gonzalez is 1-4 with two strikeouts.

The Edge: Tied
Cook is another Rockies' pitcher having a solid season, but a losing record. Cain is also having a decent rookie season, but either the bullpen or the offense has let him down. He will look to dominate against a team he's done well against in the past.

Closing it Out: Brian Fuentes (20, 3.74) vs. Armando Benitez (13, 2.76)
Finley is 4-15 with a double, a triple and a jack against Fuentes. Feliz is 3-10 with a double, and Bonds is 6-8 with two doubles and a jack. Hillenbrand is only 1-7 and Durham only 1-5 with a double.

Benitez has been the cause of most of the Giants' woes. However, he still has the closer role, so we can only hope for the best whenever he steps on the mound, even though newly acquired Mike Stanton closed out yesterday's game by replacing Benitez. Helton is 2-7 with two homers against Benitez, and Barnes is 2-5 with a double. Holliday is 1-5, Carroll is 0-4 and Atkins is 2-4.

The Edge: Rockies
No question here. Fuentes is having a much better season than Benitez.

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