Rewind: Giants at Diamondbacks, Game 2

As a 2 game winning ‘streak' is broken, finger pointing has begun. The scapegoat of the day is starter Jamey Wright, but there is plenty of blame to go around as the Giants fall to their division rivals.

Have the San Francisco Giants seen the last of Jamey Wright in the rotation?

The calls for a change in the rotation are getting louder and louder as Wright allows 5 runs in 5 innings, translating to a 5-1 loss for the Giants against the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Giants have stuck with Wright in the rotation after he put up a 3.34 ERA in April, but his ERA has been over 5 each month since, and it sits at 5.18 now.  For his part, he isn’t making excuses.  "I feel I have enough time left to salvage it and finish strong and turn this thing around," Wright said after the loss. "But I'm the only one who can do it. Nobody's going to feel sorry for me. Nobody can do it for me."

The Giants won’t need their fifth starter for a while, as they can skip his turn in the rotation with an offday on Thursday.  But after that, a number of suggestions have popped up, including Brad Hennessey, Kevin Correia and Jonathan Sanchez.  Hennessey has a 4.72 ERA as a starter from 2004-2005, but has a 2.80 ERA in 6 starts in 2006.  Correia has not started this season, but had a 5.26 ERA as a starter in 19 games in previous seasons.  Sanchez had been used in the bullpen in the majors, but was a starter before his conversion in May.  He was sent to Fresno to rebuild his arm strength, and has made 2 starts, the most recent a 5 inning outing where he allowed 1 run on 3 hits and a walk.

Manager Felipe Alou indicated he was going to discuss bringing Sanchez up to be a 5th starter with general manager Brian Sabean and pitching coach Dave Righetti, one of the few indications from a team source that a change is in the offing.

But the pitching was hardly the only problem in this one.  The offense had problems against Arizona starter Juan Cruz, managing just 7 hits and a walk off of him, the only run coming from Randy Winn’s solo home run in the third inning.

And a rally that could have helped turn the tide early in the game came to a sudden halt in the 2ndPedro Feliz singled with 2 out, and Eliezer Alfonzo followed with a double.  For some reason, third base coach Gene Glynn waved in Feliz despite the ball reaching the cutoff man just after Feliz reached third, and Feliz was out at home by a couple of dozen feet, ending the inning.

“I don't like to use the word flat,” Alou said after the game, “but we looked sluggish, a tired-looking atmosphere all over the place, maybe from all the running we did after all those home runs."

Giants fans can only hope the last part was a joke. Player of the Game: Randy Winn.  Not that there were a lot of choices for this one, but Winn’s home run was one of the only real signs of life in this team.

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