Series Preview: Padres vs. Giants

The playoff race is entering its home stretch. There is nothing like September baseball, especially when every game means something. For the Giants, they come off a rather successful road trip and hope to continue their dominance at home, where they looked spectacular in their last home stand.

Game #1: Jake Peavy (8-13, 4.32) vs. Matt Cain (11-9, 4.11)
Peavy has always been a thorn to the Giants, and his numbers prove it. Ray Durham is only 8-44 with two doubles and two triples against Peavy, and Pedro Feliz is only 5-28 with a double and a jack. Steve Finley is 8-27 with two doubles and three homeruns, Barry Bonds is 7-26 with three doubles and three round trippers and Omar Vizquel is 5-18 with a double.

Cain was absolutely sensational in his last start. The Giants will be depending on Cain to carry them through September and into the future as well. The San Diego Padres are a team that hasn't done well against Cain career wise. Adrian Gonzalez is just 1-9 with a double, and Khalil Greene, the Giants killer, is only 2-9 with a jack and three strikeouts. Todd Walker is 0-8, Mike Cameron is 1-7 with a double and Mark Bellhorn is 0-7 with six punchouts.

The Edge: Tied
This game will be a great pitching match-up for sure. Both pitchers have trouble in the first inning, so if either team were to get ahead, it would be either very early or very late. Cain is coming off an incredible outing, and Peavy has always dominated the Giants. This game can go either way.

Game #2: David Wells (2-3, 4.58) vs. Jason Schmidt (11-8, 3.39)
Wells had a very solid outing in his first start with the Padres this season. His numbers are scattered against the Giants. Vizquel is only 7-58 with one jack against Wells, but Durham is 22-58 with four doubles and two homeruns and Shea Hillenbrand is 18-42 with five doubles and one round tripper.

Schmidt has not looked like himself in his last few starts. After stringing together some spectacular outings, Schmidt didn't look as sharp as he has. Dave Roberts is 14-48 with three doubles against Schmidt, and Brian Giles is just 7-36 with a double and a jack. Mike Piazza is 12-35 with a double and six homeruns, but Cameron is only 3-22 with a double and a homer. Greene is 8-21 with two doubles, a triple and two round trippers, and Geoff Blum is 7-19 with four doubles and one four-bagger.

The Edge: Tied
Normally, Schmidt would get the advantage over Wells, but Schmidt has struggled so much lately, and Wells has been doing well recently, that it's tough to make that decision. Schmidt tends to have rough beginnings, and Wells tends to run out of steam late into the game. If the Padres were to score, it would be early, and if the Giants were to score, they'd have to hope Wells gets tired fast.

Game #3: Woody Williams (7-5, 3.91) vs. undecided
Williams' numbers are across the board against the Giants, but it seems the more players face Williams, the faster they figure him out. Finley is just 11-47 with two doubles, a triple and three homers. However, Moises Alou is 15-46 with four doubles and a jack, Vizquel is 13-33 with a homer and Durham is 10-32 with three doubles. Bonds is only 5-26 with two doubles and a four-bagger.

The Edge: undecided

Closing it Out: Trevor Hoffman (37, 1.87) vs. Mike Stanton (7, 4.20)
Hoffman may not be having a career season, but he certainly hasn't lost all his steam. Alou is only 4-23 with a double and two jacks against Hoffman and Finley is just 4-20 with a homer. Bonds is 5-18 with two homerunes, Feliz is 4-16 with a round tripper and Durham is 4-9 with two doubles.

Benitez has lost his closing job, and hopefully for the rest of the season. Whether it's his knees or whatever, Benitez can take his time in coming back. Stanton has been a blessing for the Giants, and his numbers against the Padres are staggering. Cameron is only 2-11 with two doubles against Stanton. Walker is 0-8, Bellhorn is 2-8 and Giles is 0-7. Piazza has the best numbers, going 2-6. None of the Padres have more than a double against Stanton.

The Edge: Tied
Normally, Hoffman would beat out Stanton by a lot, but Stanton has been lights out for the Giants since taking over the closer role, and his numbers against San Diego are also spectacular. This series will surely be a nail-biter to the finish.

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