Series Preview: Rockies vs. Giants

The Giants are doing well. Even though a sweep would have been ideal against the Padres, the Giants will make do with what they did do. As the season dwindles down, the Giants will need to put forth their best efforts in order to be in contention for the playoffs. To do this, they turn to the future of their pitching staff and hope that the young hurlers will carry them onto the road as victors.

Game #1: Denny Bautista (0-2, 5.66) vs. Jonathan Sanchez (3-0, 1.42)
Bautista is also a young pitcher, but his numbers aren't that impressive. He was on the Kansas City Royals most of the season and all of last season. Omar Vizquel is 1-3 against Bautista, Steve Finley is 0-3, Randy Winn is 1-1 and Shea Hillenbrand is 1-1 with a round tripper.

Sanchez put on a show for the Giants in his last and first major league start. He didn't give up any runs, and proved that his work in the minors to improve his endurance has paid off. He has little experience against the Rockies, only facing them as a reliever earlier this season. Todd Helton is 0-2 against Sanchez, and the rest of the Colorado Rockies are either 0-1 or haven't faced Sanchez before.

The Edge: Giants
Sanchez had really good stuff on the mound in his last start, and the Rockies have not seen much of him either. The same goes for Bautista, as the Giants haven't seen him much either, but Sanchez is having a better season than Bautista.

Game #2: Jason Jennings (7-12, 3.48) vs. Noah Lowry (7-8, 4.00)
Jennings is the ace of this club, and his ERA proves this, but his team hasn't helped him much in the win-loss column. Finley is 10-34 against Jennings with a double and Barry Bonds is 11-27 with three doubles and two jacks. Hillenbrand is 8-26 with two doubles and two jacks, Pedro Feliz is 7-24 with two homers, Ray Durham is 5-18 and Vizquel is 5-14 with three doubles. Moises Alou is only 2-12.

Lowry skipped his last start because of some elbow problems, but he should be back on track. Hopefully with the fixing of whatever was wrong with his pitching elbow, Lowry will be back to dominating like he did in August. Clint Barnes is 6-21 with two jacks against Lowry, and Matt Holliday is 5-18 with a double and a homerun. Helton is 4-13 with a double and a homer, Garrett Atkins is 3-11 with a double and Jamey Carroll is 2-7.

The Edge: Tied
Jennings is the ace of the Rockies' staff, so he will turn out a decent outing at worst usually. Lowry has been struggling lately, and the early innings for Lowry will determine whether or not his elbow is still bothering him.

Game #3: Aaron Cook (9-13, 4.14) vs. Matt Cain (12-9, 3.94)
Cook is having another so-so season. Durham is 8-22 with three doubles and a homer against Cook, and Bonds is 10-20 with two doubles and a jack. Feliz is only 4-18 with three punchouts, but Vizquel is 6-11 with a triple and a homer and Alou is 5-11 with a four-bagger. Winn is only 1-9 with three strikeouts, and Finley is 3-7 with a double.

Cain has the most wins out of all the Giants' pitchers. He has been lights out in the second half of the season, and the Giants will need him to continue his brilliance. Helton is only 2-11 with a double and round tripper against Cain, but Atkins is 4-10 with a double and jack. Cory Sullivan is just 1-9 with three strikeouts, Barnes is 0-8 and Holliday is 2-7 with a four-bagger.

The Edge: Giants
Cain has been sensational for the Giants lately, and Cook is having another mediocre season.

Closing it Out: Brian Fuentes (25, 3.47) vs. Mike Stanton (7, 4.00)
Fuentes is having a solid season for the Rockies. Finley is 4-15 with a double, a triple and a homer against Fuentes. Feliz is 3-10 with a double, and Bonds is 7-9 with two doubles and a jack. Hillenbrand is only 1-7, and Durham is just 1-6.

The Giants really lucked out when they got Stanton. He didn't record any saves in the Padres' series because of the 4-0 victory in the first game, but he did pitch the last innings in the second game which went into extra innings that resulted in a victory. Helton is 5-10 against Stanton, and Vinny Castilla and Carroll are both 1-4.

The Edge: Tied
Although Stanton has been lights out for the Giants in the closing role, Fuentes has been doing well for the Rockies, too. The problem for Fuentes is that the Rockies rarely get him in a save situation. In this series, whoever's leading in the ninth inning will most likely win the game.

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