Tim Lincecum Not Being Called Up

In an update of an earlier report, the Giants are not yet going to bring up Tim Lincecum to the major leagues.

Updating earlier reports, Tim Lincecum will not be headed to the San Francisco Giants today.

On the post-game show on KNBR 680, radio host Damon Bruce repeated an sequence from a post-game interview in which Manager Felipe Alou had joked that Lincecum would be promoted to help fill the needs in the bullpen, with the Giants suffering from several injuries to their right handed relievers. The reports were misunderstood and speculation became rampant from there that the move would actually happen.

The San Francisco Giants have been beset by injuries to their right handed relief pitchers late in the season. Vinnie Chulk was the latest casualty, after injuring his groin on Tuesday night. Tim Worrell is out for the rest of the season, former closer Armando Benitez is batting arthritic knees, and Brian Wilson is suffering from a strained muscle in his side. Minor leaguer Merkin Valdez suffered an elbow sprain just before the September callups as well.

The only healthy righthanders in the bullpen now are Kevin Correia, Brad Hennessey, the demoted starter Jamey Wright and the struggling Scott Munter.

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