Armando Benitez DLed, Sadler called up

The Giants sent their embattled closer to the Disabled List with arthritis in the knees, and in his place, a successful but wild minor league closer will find his way to the majors for the first time.

The San Francisco Giants will place Armando Benitez on the 60 Day Disabled List, and purchase the contract of former Connecticut Defenders closer Billy Sadler on Thursday.

Benitez has not pitched in the last 8 games with arthritis in both knees. Team doctors have recommended that Benitez rehab instead of go through surgery, but there was no chance for his return to the Giants in the 2006 season. By placing Benitez on the 60 Day Disabled List, the Giants opened up room for a player to be place on it in his place.

Mike Stanton has replaced Benitez as the closer in the meantime.

The Giants have suffered a series of injuries to their right handed relievers. In addition to Benitez, Tim Worrell is out for the season and Brian Wilson has missed a couple of weeks with an injury in his side. On Tuesday, Vinnie Chulk also injured his groin. The extent of that is still unknown, but he's not expected to miss much time.

The Giants purchased the contract of Billy Sadler, 24, a right handed reliever who spent most of the year in Double-A Connecticut. Sadler had a 2.56 ERA and 20 saves in 44 games at Connecticut, while striking out 67 and walking 29 in 45.2 innings. He also pitched in 7 games at Triple-A Fresno, with a 1.80 ERA while striking out 12 and walking 2 in 10 innings. Control has always been a problem with Sadler, but he's been effectively wild the last two seasons.

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