Series Preview: Giants vs. Brewers

The Giants' pitching staff has been brutally punished in Colorado, but they hope they can bounce back against the Brew Crew in Milwaukee. The Giants make their last stop on the road this season in hopes of taking at least three in a crucial four-game series. The starters in Denver will get the opportunity to redeem themselves in this series.

Game #1: Matt Morris (10-14, 4.79) vs. Dave Bush (11-11, 4.53)
Morris got rocked hard in his homecoming at St. Louis, but he hopes to keep the Giants rolling in the series opener. Geoff Jenkins is 8-27 with four doubles, a jack and 10 strikeouts against Morris, but David Bell is only 4-16 with two doubles. Bill Hall is 4-15 with a double and a homer, Damian Miller is 3-14, Jeff Cirillo is 1-13 and Brady Clark is 2-12 with a double against Morris.

Bush is having a decent season, but his numbers against the Giants are really good. Randy Winn is only 2-11 with three strikeouts, and Omar Vizquel is 1-9 with three punchouts as well. Pedro Feliz and Kevin Frandsen are both 1-4.

The Edge: Brewers
Morris has not been on at all lately, and Bush has done well against the Giants in his career.

Game #2: Jonathan Sanchez (3-0, 3.38) vs. Doug Davis (10-11, 4.87)
Sanchez had a great starting debut, but since has struggled, especially in his last outing out of the bullpen in Colorado. Bell is 1-1 against Sanchez, Gabe Gross and Prince Fielder are both 0-1.

Davis has faced the Giants many times, and the numbers are scattered, but favor the Giants for the most part. Alou is 11-28 with four doubles, two triples and one homer against Davis. Vizquel is 6-25 with a double and a homer, but Shea Hillenbrand is 4-13. Feliz is only 2-12, but Steve Finley is 4-10 with a double.

The Edge: Tied
Sanchez still has hopes of saving his first experience in the major league with this start. The Giants have hit Davis well in the past, so hopefully that will give Sanchez some support.

Game #3: Noah Lowry (7-10, 4.70) vs. Chris Capuano (11-11, 3.67)
Lowry was rocked in his last start against the Rockies. He didn't even last three innings, and gave up close to ten runs. However, his numbers against the Brewers are promising. Bell is 0-5 against Lowry, but Hall is 2-3. Jenkins is 1-2, but no one else on Milwaukee has a hit against Lowry.

Capuano is having an average season. His numbers against the Giants aren't that great. Moises Alou is 4-11 with a jack against Capuano, and Todd Greene, who will be playing in this game because he is always Lowry's battery-mate, is 3-10. Ray Durham is only 2-8.

The Edge: Tied
Lowry is really struggling, but the numbers the Giants have against Capuano are too good to be ignored.

Game #4: Matt Cain (13-10, 3.99) vs. Ben Sheets (5-7, 4.21)
Cain looked unbeatable until his last start in Colorado, where he was knocked around and received the loss. The only Brewer Cain has faced is Bell, who is 0-4 with a strikeout.

The Giants have average numbers against Sheets. Alou is 12-33 with two doubles and two round trippers, and Durham is 3-11 with a double and a triple, but Hillenbrand is 0-11. Barry Bonds is 3-6 with two doubles and a jack, and Vizquel is also 3-6 with a triple.

The Edge: Giants
Even though Cain got rocked in his last start, the starts he had before that were very promising. The Giants will need him to step it up if they want their season to go into October.

Closing it Out: Mike Stanton (8, 3.90) vs. Derrick Turnbow (24, 6.71)
Stanton got a save in the closing game of the Colorado series, and his numbers against the Brewers are limited, but good. Bell is 1-9 against Stanton. Tony Graffanino, Jenkins and Corey Koskie are all 1-7 against Stanton.

Turnbow isn't having a great season. Durham and Feliz are both 1-3. Finley, Alou and Hillenbrand are all 1-2 against Turnbow.

The Edge: Tied
Although Stanton got the save in Colorado, it didn't come without drama. He allowed two singles, but managed to preserve the save. Although Turnbow is having a horrible season, the Brewers have Francisco Cordero standing nearby with 19 saves this season.

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