Giants Top 50 Prospects Q&A 12/10/06

Why is Sergio Romo so far down the list? What are Schoop's chances of becoming a major leaguer? Where's Jake Wald? And just how important are Draft-And-Follows, really? answers these questions in the first Top 50 Q&A!

SFDugout Reader: What are your projections on Jake Wald?  Does he have any major league ability? I haven't seen much out of him that I'd be optimistic on.  He blew away San Jose last year, but he doesn't have much in the way of plus tools outside of his defense.  He doesn't have a lot of power, or a lot of speed, and his average traditionally is closer to the Mendoza line than .300.

There's an outside chance he makes the majors as a utility man, but even that would require a huge improvement.  After his poor season in Double-A last year, it's not something I expect to see. – Kevin J. Cunningham


Derrek from Davis, CA: Baseball America ranked Schoop as one of the top 20 prospects in the Arizona League the past two years, but he still stayed there. How do his chances realistically look to become a major leaguer? Schoop is a more complete player than he was a season ago but has to improve even more to earn a spot on the major league roster. He hit above .300 and kept up his excellent defense but wore down late in the season. He has to develop stamina and he hasn't had the chance to do that playing two seasons in a short-season league like the Arizona League.

Emmanuel Burriss is rated higher than Schoop and should arrive with the big club within the next few seasons. Burriss is a better hitter and has more speed as well as being more experienced playing three seasons of college ball at Kent State and starring in the elite Cape Cod League. Schoop's age is both a benefit and a hindrance: he's is still a teenager and needs to develop further before he can be considered a viable major leaguer, yet he has plenty of time to work toward that goal. – Chris Martinez


SFDugout Reader: Sergio Romo seems ranked really low, considering the stats that he has put up.  Shouldn't he be higher than guys like Bowker and Cox? Romo is a talented guy, and moreso has continued to perform at a high level.  But the reported ‘Anger Management' issue that ended up with him and a broken pitching hand is disturbing, especially as it came a few days after his career-best game, as part of the no-hitter.

No one has reported the details of what led to that incident, and it doesn't really matter.  That brought up a ton of questions about both his makeup and especially the health of his hand, and whether or not he'll continue to throw with the level of control that has led to his performance.  If he can prove that those things are in the past, he'll move up the list, but not until then.  – Kevin J. Cunningham


Jamie from San Bruno, CA: How much will the loss of signing Draft And Follows really affect the draft and how the Giants, or anyone, chooses players? It's hard to say, but it could be a big deal.  The Giants signed 3 players, including 2 on the list we've revealed this past week, as Draft-and-Follow (often called DFE) signings from the 2005 draft.  And getting a guy like Marcus Sanders from that method says a lot about the kind of players you can get from that strategy.

The real result is that you might see less high school players drafted later in the draft.  High school players are usually rare to sign straight up after the 5th round, but they are the most likely players to be convinced to take DFE type bonuses to sign rather than risk their health another year in college and losing that bonus.  That, in turn, could put a bigger priority on 5th year senior signings (like Adam Witter and Dave McKae), as those types of players would be late round picks instead of the flyers on potential DFE candidates.  You might also see more teams pass on picks and end their drafts before the final, 50th round, comes around, as they really don't have a need for as many picks anymore.

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