Prospect Heat Rankings | April 6, 2007

The season's just getting into swing so the rankings aren't about how well they've performed, but more about how many expectations there are on them, and questions surrounding them. So who tops the list? Well that one shouldn't be hard to guess.

1 Tim Lincecum This year may all be about waiting for him to bloom. For that, he's the most intriguing player in the system.
2 Nate Schierholtz It's been said before. I'll say it again. Fresno is made for him. He'll have a monster year.
3 Emmanuel Burris The shortstop is a No. 1 pick, with a lot of anticipation. A lot of eyes will be on him.
4 Brian Wilson No one is more disappointed in him being in Fresno than him. With this bullpen, a quick return to form is needed.
5 Dan Griffin He's a top prospect when healthy. He's healthy. Get ready.
6 Marcus Sanders Now a second baseman, he needs to come back from injury. Will he? Can he? Good questions to seek answers from.
7 Billy Sadler He still has control issues, but he has the potential to return to the big leagues. Especially in this season's bullpen, he has every opportunity.
8 Brian Anderson He's an unorthodox reliever, but he's been effective so far. Can he keep it up?
9 Eddy Martinez-Esteve Injuries cost him heat. Like Griffin, he's healthy.
10 Eugenio Velez Can a minor league Rule 5 pick really have this much potential? A hand injury will slow the answer from being revealed.

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