Prospect Heat Rankings | May 11

Lincecum's promoted. So is Frandsen and Ortmeier. There's a top spot up for grabs, and three new spots available at least on this week's Heat Rankings. So who has moved up? How have injuries affected this list? And most importantly, who's the top dog now that "The Franchise" is in the bigs?

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Antoan Richardson (3) With the top spots vacated, Richardson takes the top spot by a nose despite three hitless games in his last four.
2 Nate Schierholtz (4) Nate was one of the hottest hitters on the planet, but a non-serious injury has kept him out the last three days.
3 Bobby Felmy (10) Felmy's been a welcome addition to an Augusta team in desperate need of offense.
4 Adam Cowart (6) Cowart bounced back from a bad game with a five-inning, one-run affair.
5 Brian Bocock (5) Bocock is at his best when not being paid attention to. He has a six-game hitting streak, although his steals have dropped off.
6 John Bowker (NR) A pretty big snub on this list for a while, Bowker has made an unlikely renaissance in an unlikely place: Dodd Stadium.
7 Nick Pereira (NR) After a cold start, Pereira has had four consistent outings with a seven-inning, shutout outing most recently.
8 Chris Begg (NR) Begg has come to Fresno, and done pretty well there so far.
9 Ben Snyder (7) Are we crazy for dropping him? A bad outing to start May hurt things, but he came back strong.
10 Scott Munter (NR) Munter may have had a short call to the show, but he's quietly getting his career back on track.

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