Prospect Heat Rankings | May 25

It's been nearly a year since last year's draft. Who from 2006 is going to be on the hot list a year later? And as hitters slump around the system, can a hitter retain the top spot on the list?

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Nate Schierholtz (1) Nate has had some slow days this past week, but is still just hot enough to stay up this list.
2 Ben Snyder (3) Snyder is taking back the top spot in Augusta's rotation. The bottom spot would still top most teams in the SAL.
3 Antoan Richardson (5) Richardson's been hot and cold all season. This week, three two-hit games puts him warmer than the other option.
4 Bobby Felmy (7) Felmy runs a bit warmer this week, and Augusta's offense needs it.
5 Adam Cowart (2) Cowart has been a bit cooler recently, and struck out just one in his last outing on Thursday.
6 Scott Munter (4) Munter drops a bit, despite still being solid. Solid may not be enough to penetrate a deepening SF bullpen, however.
7 Henry Sosa (NR) A long-awaited debut for Sosa, who has gotten overshadowed at times in Augusta's rotation, but whose 0.63 ERA is finally getting some notice.
8 Pat Misch (10) Misch made a mid-game start on a suspended game, and remained spectacular, striking out six in 4 2/3 innings.
9 John Bowker (6) It's hard to complain about Bowker, who has a four-game hitting streak with a double and a home run, but each game has had just one hit and comes off of an 0-for-14 slump.
10 Taylor Wilding (NR) Wilding has been flirting with showing up on this list for a while. This week he finally makes it. Can he stay on it?

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