Prospect Heat Rankings | June 15

After a week off, the Heat Rankings get a boost this week with the draft, and announcements of All-Stars. But with last week's number one finally in the majors, who's worthy of the top spot?

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Madison Bumgarner (NR) Perhaps it's a symbolic ranking, but the Giants drafting another pitcher first isn't making some happy.
2 Dave McKae (5) Two starts, one run, no walks in Connecticut. This answers the question asked about him last week.
3 Henry Sosa (3) Okay, I admit it. Moving Sosa up to Augusta surprised me. This performance is shocking.
4 Adam Cowart (2) Cowart has had more human outings in June, but not at all terrible ones.
5 Ben Snyder (6) Two words: Snubbed. Bigtime. Not that the other Augusta pitchers weren't deserving.
6 Kevin Pucetas (NR) Speaking of surprising, Pucetas has always been underrated, but he's averaging one walk every ten innings.
7 Clayton Tanner (NR) Tanner also has been more human recently, but his walk totals have been noticably dropping.
8 Taylor Wilding (10) San Jose's lone All-Star remains a big reason San Jose may get a first round playoff bye.
9 Eugenio Velez (4) He hasn't been named an All-Star (yet), but Velez remains the spark offensively the Defenders have desperately needed
10 Emmanuel Burriss (NR) Speaking of sparks, Burriss has finally woken up. His bat is back, now let's see what he can really do on the basepaths.

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