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Kiley shares reports and video on some fringe first round prospects for tomorrow's draft.

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For the formal explanation of all the notation used here, click on one of the report groups from the top 30 in the above block of links. I didn't want to put the whole intro on every report article and make you scroll, but I did for the first 10 articles if anything below is a little confusing. To the meaty stuff:

41. Mike Papi, LF, Virginia

6'3/210, L/L, 21.71 on Draft Day

Hit: 55/55+, Power: 50/50+, Run: 45/45, Field: 45/50, Throw: 45/45

Scouting Report: As a draft0eligible left-fielder from the same Virginia club, Papi gets compared to Derek Fisher a lot, but Papi the less physically talented but more advanced player. Fisher has plus tools but injuries and effort issues while Papi has more average tools with an advanced bat and squeezes every ounce out of them. I would keep describing Papi, but he's a maxed out LF that can hit and you can see the tools above. You know what that looks like.

Take A Step Back: The safe college bat that may never be more than a 50 and may not even be an everyday guy for perennial contenders but is very likely to give big league value. Do with this what you will.

Projected Role: AVerage Regular, 50 FV

42. Milton Ramos, SS, American Heritage HS (FL), Florida Atlantic commit

6'2/165, R/R, 18.61 on Draft Day

Hit: 50/45+, Power: 40/45, Run: 60/60+, Field: 55/60, Throw: 55/55

Scouting Report: Ramos has been surrounded by makeup questions as he's a flair-based shortstop that's been to four high school in four years. Many teams still don't buy that he'll reach his upside due to this, while others say it's not that bad and have him comfortably in the top 50. Ramos took a step forward this fall when he put on some weight, starting hitting some homers in BP and still ran 60-65 times in the 60 yard dash. He's still very skinny and relatively weak, so the solid swing with some bat speed and power is undermined by the lack of physical strength. Ramos is a wizard at short and every scout I've talked to thinks he's above average at the position.

Take A Step Back: Checks all the boxes except strength and makeup. Will go in the top 40 but this nearly anything could happen after that.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular 50-55 FV

43. Josh Morgan, SS, Orange Lutheran HS (CA), UCLA commit

6'1/195, R/R, 18.55 on Draft Day

Hit: 55/50, Power: 40/40+, Run: 55/55, Field: 50/55, Throw: 55/55

Scouting Report: The friendlier version of Ramos, Morgan has a slightly awkward but effective swing that works in games, with similar to less power and less flashy run/field/throw tools, but enough to play short. There's less upside, more certainty and better vibes from scouts and Morgan should go in the top 50-60 picks, so he'll likely be compared to Ramos for awhile, too.

Take A Step Back: Not flashy but gets it done and everyday shortstops don't really exist in America anymore.

Projected Role: Average Regular, 50 FV

44. Matt Chapman, 3B, Cal State Fullerton

6'1/195, R/R, 20.88 on Draft Day

Hit: 45/45, Power: 50/65, Run: 45/45+, Field: 45/50+, Throw: 70/70

Scouting Report: I loved his infield and batting practice for Team USA, flashing huge raw power that rivaled Kyle Schwarber, along with a plus-plus arm that some call an 80 and has hit the upper 90's on the mound, though he's thrown just an handful of innings in the last few years. Chapman is at least an average third baseman, so the only question is the bat. His performances haven't been terrible, but he basically hasn't shown the ability to hit and hit for power at the same time at any point in his career. Even a 45 bat version that doesn't get to all his raw power (hits .250 with 18-20 homers) is an everyday guy, so this feels like the right spot, but this one is likely AAA tops or above average regular.

Take A Step Back: Again, checks all the boxes except one, and it's the most important one. You wanna roll the dice?

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

45. Zech Lemond, RHP, Rice

6'4/200, R/R, 21.13 on Draft Day

Fastball: 65/65, Slider: 50/50+, Changeup: 50/55, Command: 45/50

Scouting Report: Lemond comes from noted Cloverfield monster that feeds on young mens' elbows, Rice head coach Wayne Graham. It will shock you to hear that Lemond was shelved for weeks this year with elbow tenderness and he was benched only after weeks of telling Graham he was sore, per a few scouts. The stuff was largely back at the end of the year, but he was being used in relief, where he started the season and has pitched most of his Rice career (thank God). When starting this year, Lemond was 94-97 hitting 98 mph late in games with enough feel and off-speed to profile in the rotation. If he had started all three years at Rice, I bet he'd be hurt right now, but Lemond lucked out.

Take A Step Back: Drafting a Rice pitcher in the top few rounds is like storing your money in a fireplace: it will go horribly wrong, you just don't know when. The fact that Lemond was mostly a reliever gives him a little hope and the huge stuff will tempt someone. I can't believe I ranked him this high, to be honest.

Projected Role: #3/4 Starter, 55-60 FV

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