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2016 Cleveland Indians Major League and Minor League Free Agents

A full listing of all the free agents in the Indians organization...

Here is an unofficial listing of free agents in the entire Cleveland Indians organization from the major league roster on down through the minors.

Major League Free Agents

Pitchers: None

Catchers: None

Infielders: Mike Napoli

Outfielders: Rajai Davis, Coco Crisp

Note: The Indians have several players on the 40-man roster who are expected to be designated for assignment sometime this offseason. Several of them would be second time outrights and would become free agents upon being DFAed, but in the meantime we will not speculate as to who those players may be.

Minor League Free Agents

Pitchers: Trevor Foss (RHP), Shawn Haviland (RHP), T.J. House (LHP), Craig Stammen (RHP), Casey Weathers (RHP)

Infielders: Ordomar Valdez

Catchers: Martin Cervenka (re-signed), Juan De La Cruz (re-signed), Alex Monsalve, Adam Moore, Guillermo Quiroz

Outfielders: Joey Butler, Michael Choice, Collin Cowgill, Luigi Rodriguez (re-signed)

Minor League Free Agency (Rule 55)

Who is eligible: If a player is not on the 40-man roster, a minor leaguer is eligible for free agency and becomes a minor league free agent (MLFA) six years after their first season ends with an organization. This is why they are often called “six year minor league free agents” because they become a free agent after six renewal options afforded to the major league organization have all expired.

In general, once a player has six full seasons in the minors he is eligible for minor league free agency. For example, if a player was drafted in June of 2010 and signed in July of the same year, then his renewal seasons were 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and he would be a minor league free agent after the 2016 season (provided he was on a roster in each of those seasons).

There is an exception to this rule for a player that has been released from their first organization before they have used up all six renewal options. When this happens and the player signs with another club, that organization has the option of signing the player to as many years as they want up until the expiration of their sixth renewable contract. In most cases, however, the new club opts to sign the player to a one year deal, and even if the player has not had six full seasons he would be a MLFA after that season.

Also, a player does not become a MLFA if they agree to a successor contract prior to October 15th. A successor contract is basically just an agreement between player and organization to extend and sign for the following season in the period between the end of the season and the start of minor league free agency (this is what happened with Luigi Rodriguez, Martin Cervenka and Juan De La Cruz this year).

Timeline: On August 1st the Commissioner issues a listing of all players eligible to become MLFAs for the upcoming offseason. On October 15th a player officially becomes a minor league free agent (MLFA) if the club that originally signed him no longer has one of their six renewal options available to them. On October 16th the Commissioner issues the final MLFA list to all clubs, and a MLFA may negotiate a deal with any major league club for a major league or minor league contract.

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