2017 Cleveland Indians Rule 5 Draft eligibles

An early look at the Indians minor league players eligible for the 2017 Rule 5 Draft...

The 2016 Rule 5 Draft is over, which it is time to look ahead at the next crop of Indians minor league players eligible for the Rule 5 Draft in December 2017.

Here is a new listing showing the eligible Indians' minor leaguers for the 2017 Rule 5 Draft.  This list will evolve over the 2017 season as a good chunk of these players will be released in spring training.

The Rule 5 draft is a draft specific to Major League Baseball and is named for its place in the Professional Baseball Agreement. The regular Major League Baseball draft is defined in the rulebook as Rule 4, and this draft follows it in the rule book, hence the “Rule 5” moniker it is commonly referred.

The draft itself has two phases (the Double-A phase was eliminated as of 2016): a Major League phase and a Triple-A phase where teams select players from the levels below them. A player selected in one of these phases must be placed on the reserve list of the selecting club at the same level of that phase (for example, MLB players must be placed on the 40-man roster and Triple-A players must be placed on the Triple-A reserved list, etc). Only players left unprotected in each phase can be selected.

In the Major League phase, any player that is eligible who is not on the major league 40-man roster can be selected. For the Triple-A phase any player eligible who is not on the club’s reserve list and is at a level below Triple-A can be selected.

For all the ins and outs on the Rule 5 Draft, check out the site FAQ.

For future reference, this list is housed for quick reference in the "Prospects" section along the top below the site banner and listed under the "Rule 5 Draft" heading.

Last updated: December 9, 2016

Algarin, Erick
Allen, Greg
Angulo, Argenis
Araujo, Luis
Armendariz, David
Aviles, Robbie
Bautista, Claudio
Brady, Sean
Brown, D.J.
Brown, Mitch
Castillo, Ivan
Castro, Willi
Cerda, Erlin
Cervenka, Martin
Chang, Yu-Cheng
Chen, Ping-Hsueh
Chiang, Shao-Ching
Chu, Li-Jen
Cox, Cortland
De La Cruz, Juan
DeMasi, Dominic
Diaz, Yandy
Eubank, Luke
Garcia, Justin
Haase, Eric
Hankins, Todd
Head, Louis
Hendrix, Paul
Hill, Cameron
Ison, Bobby
Jimenez, Domingo
Jimenez, Luis
Johnson, Jeff
Kaminsky, Rob
Kime, Dace
Lee, Jacob
Linares, Leandro
Loopstok, Sicnarf
Lopez, Francisco
Lovegrove, Kieran
Lucas, Jeremy
Lugo, Luis
Marquina, Yoiber
Martinez, Henry
Mathews, Kenny
Medina, Yhoxian
Mejia, Francisco
Mendoza, Yonathan
Merryweather, Julian
Milbrath, Jordan
Murphy, Taylor
Pannone, Thomas
Papi, Mike
Pasquale, Nicholas
Paulino, Dorssys
Peoples, Michael
Polanco, Anderson
Roberts, Will
Robinson, Jared
Rodriguez, Jason
Rodriguez, Jorma
Rodriguez, Luigi
Rodriguez, Nellie
Rodriguez, Ronny
Sayles, Silento
Sever, Joe
Shane, Casey
Smith, Jordan
Soto, Junior
Speer, David
Stamets, Eric
Sulser, Cole
Tapia, Emmanuel
Tejeda, Enosil
Valdez, Ordomar
Valladares, Randy
Vicente, Jose
Whitehouse, Matt
Winfrey, Nathan
Zapata, Jose
Zimmer, Bradley

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