Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year to all of our readers and Indians fans everywhere! Another year has come and gone here at the Indians Baseball Insider and we get set to begin our 11th year of existence!

Amazingly, another year has come and gone. While it went so fast, it also feels like the Indians cold home opener in April that was postponed due to frigid temperatures was two years ago!

2016 went down as an all-time great year to be an Indians fan. While they fell short of winning a World Series title, it was filled with many memorable moments and an exciting playoff run that saw the Indians come as close as they probably could have come to winning their first World Series title in 68 years.

It was a special group and hopefully only the start of something great with another three or four years of title contention in them and perhaps 2017 is the year they finally find a way to win the World Series. They appear to have started on the right foot with a team that is healthy and the big free agent signing of Edwin Encarnacion.

Thank you to all of the readers for your continued support and a big thanks to everyone at IBI for some great content they continue to put out. Without you visiting and supporting this site and the other contributors providing content none of this would be possible. We have some great past and present writers who have put forth some outstanding content and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table in 2017!

I as well as the rest of the IBI staff are very excited about 2017 and what it may bring for you as readers and as Indians fans. I speak for all of us here as I raise a big glass of champagne and with all of you a Happy New Years!

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