Smoke Signals - League Digest 1.1: MLB Rule Changes

Jake and Jamie discuss the new rule changes being implemented for the 2017 season as well as some of this week's headlines from baseball in the premier episode of the League Digest podcast.

"League Digest" is a new addition to the Smoke Signals podcast network where Jake Dungan and Jamie Dillion discuss the latest news and notes from the world of Major League Baseball.

The IBI's Jake Dungan and Jamie Dillon are proud to unveil a new podcast to the Smoke Signals network with the debut of the "League Digest". In this first episode, the guys go over the rule changes that will be implemented during the 2017 season and discuss what baseball needs to do to appeal to the younger generation. Plus, they touch on David Price's elbow soreness scare and Jung Ho Kang's DUI sentencing.

Topics discussed:

-  Rule changes for 2017:

  • The pitch-less intentional walk.
  • 30-second limit on managerial challenges.
  • 2-minute guideline for replay reviews.
  • Prohibition of markings on playing surface representing fielders' positions.
  • Ban on pitchers taking a second step or resetting pivot during delivery.
  • Base coaches must remain in coach's boxes while pitches are being thrown.

-  What can Major League Baseball do to appeal to the younger generation?

-  Red Sox LHP David Price undergoes MRI for elbow soreness, should avoid surgery.

-  Pirates SS Jung Ho Kang receives 8-month suspended sentence for DUI.

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