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Report: Rob Manfred wants Chief Wahoo logo out of Cleveland

The smiling red caricature known as Chief Wahoo may not be a representation of the Cleveland Indians organization much longer, according to a recent article from The New York Times.

CLEVELAND -- The Chief Wahoo logo has been a staple in the city of Cleveland since 1947.

From tattoos to signage to player uniforms, the red-faced caricature has made its presence known in a variety of fashions. 

Now it may dissolve into thin air.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reportedly has a "desire to transition away from the Chief Wahoo logo," according to his statement to The New York Times earlier this week.

Over the past seven decades, the logo has evolved from a full-body representation to an Indian head; but a greater transition needs to be made in the eyes of Manfred.

Although the smiling figure still remains on the hats and sleeves of their players, the Indians have made an effort to take the Chief Wahoo out of the limelight by employing a block C and script lettering onto their home, away and alternate uniforms.

This slight adjustment could turn into a permanent change in the coming months to cater to people's feelings of sensitivity and an overall denigration of the Native American culture.

For the time being, no decision has been made as Manfred continues to ponder his next move.

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