SeattleClubhouse Q&A: Jose Campos

Everett AquaSox right-hander Jose Campos has opened some eyes this season around the Northwest League, and beyond. Despite being the youngest player on the Mariners' Short Season squad this year, he has also arguably been the best. SeattleClubhouse's Rick Randall got a chance to talk to the phenom about his experience in the Northwest League and what lies ahead.

Seattle Clubhouse: Hello Jose, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.

Jose Campos: No problem.

SC: Since being signed by the Mariners in 2009, you pitched two seasons back in your home country of Venezuela before making your U.S. debut this season. What would you say is the biggest difference in the leagues?

JC: The weather. Playing baseball in Venezuela, sometimes it is too hot--like 110, 115. Sometimes it is too cold here--sometimes 70...or 54--but it's good.

SC: What about the difference in the competition levels?

JC: Here is more competition. I am becoming more complete here because of it.

SC: In what ways are you becoming more complete? Pitches, approach?

JC: Gaining more experience and knowing what to do on the mound. Here, I am always working on mechanics and working on the changeup--everyday, working on it. I feel better.

SC: What is your biggest strength as a pitcher right now in your opinion?

JC: The fastball.

SC: No argument from me there.

SC: You were signed by the Mariners when you were just 16--how long before that did you realize that baseball could become your career?

JC: I always loved baseball. When I was eight years old I said I want to play baseball. I thought it could really happen once I turned 13.

SC: What are your goals for the rest of this season and the coming off-season?

JC: Keep working on the changeup and curveball. Get better with them.

SC: Lastly, the AquaSox recently announced the "Campos' Court" promotion which is sort of a tribute to another former Everett standout pitcher and current Mariners star also from Venezuela, Felix Hernandez. What do you think of the idea of you both having your own cheering section?

JC: I like it. I think it is very cool and hope people cheer for me.

SC: You keep pitching like you have been and that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your time today.

JC: You're welcome.

NOTE: Interview conducted via teammate Larry Gonzalez, who acted as translator.

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