Mariners 2011 Minor League Leaders - Hitting

In 2011 the Seattle Mariners' minor league affiliates did not experience the same team successes as they saw in 2010, but there were several great statistical performances throughout the organization. The Top-5 for most offensive categories--including some sabermetric stats--are listed below.

Players had to have enough plate appearances to qualify for their league titles to be included.

Batting Average

Felipe Burin TOTAL .350
Vincent Catricala TOTAL .349
Jamal Austin Pulaski .335
Mario Yepez Everett .332
Janelfry Zorrilla DSL Mariners .321


Vincent Catricala TOTAL 182
Alex Liddi Tacoma 145
Daniel Carroll High Desert 144
Carlos Triunfel TOTAL 142
Denny Almonte High Desert 135

Runs Scored

Alex Liddi Tacoma 121*
Daniel Carroll High Desert 117*
Vincent Catricala TOTAL 101
Denny Almonte High Desert 75
Matt Tuiasosopo Tacoma 73
Mike Wilson Tacoma 73


Vincent Catricala TOTAL 48
Kyle Seager TOTAL 33
Alex Liddi Tacoma 32
Felipe Burin TOTAL 30
Sean Kazmar Tacoma 29


Nick Franklin TOTAL 7
Jake Shaffer Jackson 7
Shaver Hansen TOTAL 7
Julio Morban Clinton 7
Eight tied with -- 6

Home Runs

Alex Liddi Tacoma 30
Vincent Catricala TOTAL 25
Denny Almonte High Desert 24
Kalian Sams TOTAL 24
Mike Carp Tacoma 21

Runs Batted In

Vincent Catricala TOTAL 106
Alex Liddi Tacoma 104
Denny Almonte High Desert 97
Johan Limonta TOTAL 86
Matt Tuiasosopo Tacoma 77


Daniel Carroll High Desert 88
Matt Tuiasosopo Tacoma 75
Jabari Blash TOTAL 66
Alex Liddi Tacoma 61
Trevor Coleman TOTAL 58

Walk Percentage

Jabari Blash TOTAL 16.9%
Daniel Carroll High Desert 14.8%
George Soto DSL M's 14.5%
Kenny Hart VSL M's 14.4%
Marcus Littlewood TOTAL 14.3%


Alex Liddi Tacoma 170
Denny Almonte High Desert 161
Daniel Carroll High Desert 157
Joseph Dunigan TOTAL 140
Mario Martinez High Desert 137

Strikeout Percentage

Jarret Burgess Everett 33.5%
Phillips Castillo AZL M's 31.4%
James Wood Everett 30.9%
Kalian Sams TOTAL 30.5%
Denny Almonte High Desert 30.0%

Stolen Bases

Daniel Carroll High Desert 62*
Kalian Sams TOTAL 26
Anthony Phillips TOTAL 26
Randy Perez DSL M's 22
Tim Morris TOTAL 21

On Base Percentage

Felipe Burin TOTAL .426
Vincent Catricala TOTAL .421
Kenny Hart VSL M's .419
Daniel Carroll High Desert .418
Ramon Coronel VSL M's .406

Slugging Percentage

Vincent Catricala TOTAL .601
Janelfry Zorrilla DSL M's .594*
Denny Almonte High Desert .490
Alex Liddi Tacoma .488
Jabari Blash TOTAL .486


Vincent Catricala TOTAL 1.021
Janelfry Zorrilla DSL M's .998
Daniel Carroll High Desert .896
Felipe Burin TOTAL .891
Jabari Blash TOTAL .882

Extra Base Hits

Vincent Catricala TOTAL 77
Alex Liddi Tacoma 65
Denny Almonte High Desert 58
Daniel Carroll High Desert 44
Dennis Raben High Desert 44
Kalian Sams TOTAL 44

Total Bases

Vincent Catricala TOTAL 313
Alex Liddi Tacoma 273
Denny Almonte High Desert 247
Daniel Carroll High Desert 230
Johan Limonta TOTAL 198
Stefen Romero Clinton 198

Isolated Power

Janelfry Zorrilla DSL M's .272
Kalian Sams TOTAL .252
Vincent Catricala TOTAL .251
Alex Liddi Tacoma .229
Jabari Blash TOTAL .223

Weighted On-Base Average**

Vincent Catricala TOTAL .431
Janelfry Zorrilla DSL M's .418
Daniel Carroll High Desert .391
Felipe Burin TOTAL .390
Jabari Blash TOTAL .383

* denotes lead league
** I do not have full stats for reaching base via error, so this stat isn't exact.

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