Mariners 2011 Minor League Leaders - Pitching

In 2011 the Seattle Mariners' minor league affiliates did not experience the same team successes as they saw in 2010, but there were several great statistical performances throughout the organization. The Top-5 for most pitching categories--including some sabermetric stats--are listed below.

Players had to have enough innings to qualify for their league titles to be included in rate stats except as indicated below.


Erasmo Ramirez TOTAL 10
Anthony Vasquez TOTAL 9
Chris Seddon Tacoma 9
Luke French Tacoma 9
Jarret Grube TOTAL 9
Andrew Carraway Jackson 9
Domingo Brazoban DSL M's 9
Yunior DeJesus TOTAL 9

Yoervis Medina TOTAL 14
Forrest Snow TOTAL 12
Chris Sorce High Desert 12
George Mieses Clinton 11
Anthony Vasquez TOTAL 10

Scott Patterson TOTAL 19
Steve Delabar TOTAL 15
Tyler Burgoon Clinton 14
Willy Kesler TOTAL 12
Josh Lueke Tacoma 11

Wander Marte DSL M's 0.94
Jose Torres DSL M's 2.15
Jose Campos Everett 2.32
James Paxton TOTAL 2.37
Isliexel Gonzalez VSL M's 2.51

Wander Marte DSL M's 0.86
Jose Campos Everett 0.97
Jose Flores VSL M's 1.07
Andrew Carraway Jackson 1.08
Jose Torres DSL M's 1.10

Innings Pitched
Chris Sorce High Desert 165
Anthony Vasquez TOTAL 153 2/3
Anthony Fernandez TOTAL 153 1/3
Erasmo Ramirez TOTAL 152 2/3
Chris Seddon Tacoma 149 1/3

Anthony Fernandez TOTAL 133
James Gillheeney TOTAL 131
James Paxton TOTAL 131
Forrest Snow TOTAL 127
Jarret Grube TOTAL 120

Strikeouts Per Nine - Starting Pitchers
James Paxton TOTAL 12.4
Wander Marte DSL M's 11.5
Taijuan Walker Clinton 10.5
Jose Campos Everett 9.4
Tony Butler TOTAL 9.2

Strikeouts Per Nine - Relief Pitchers
Jonathan Arias Clinton 14.4
Matthew Bischoff TOTAL 11.9
Kyle Hunter TOTAL 11.9
Stephen Pryor TOTAL 11.1
Steve Delabar TOTAL 10.9

Chris Seddon Tacoma 69
Luke French Tacoma 61
Anthony Fernandez TOTAL 55
Yoervis Medina TOTAL 48
James Gillheeney TOTAL 47

Walks Per Nine
Jose Campos Everett 1.4
Dylan Unsworth Pulaski 1.5
Andrew Carraway Jackson 1.6
Bennett Whitmore Everett 1.8
Erasmo Ramirez TOTAL 1.9

Strikeout to Walk Ratio - Starting Pitchers
Jose Campos Everett 6.54
Dylan Unsworth Pulaski 4.60
Andrew Carraway Jackson 4.24
Erasmo Ramirez TOTAL 3.63
Wander Marte DSL M's 3.27

Strikeout to Walk Ratio - Relief Pitchers
Scott Patterson TOTAL 11.00
Kyle Hunter TOTAL 6.89
Matthew Bischoff TOTAL 5.31
Yunior DeJesus TOTAL 4.63
Tim Griffin Everett 4.56

Opponents' Batting Average
Wander Marte DSL M's .136
Taijuan Walker Clinton .202
Jose Flores VSL M's .212
Jose Campos Everett .214
James Paxton TOTAL .215

Batting Average on Balls in Play
Wander Marte DSL M's .207
Jose Flores VSL M's .236
Jose Torres DSL M's .244
Jose Campos Everett .276
Andrew Carraway Jackson .280

Fielding Independent Pitching (scaled to ERA)
Wander Marte DSL M's 2.23
James Paxton TOTAL 2.27
Jose Campos Everett 2.38
Taijuan Walker Clinton 2.70
Tony Butler TOTAL 3.19

Ground Out to Air Out Ratio
Isliexel Gonzalez DSL M's 2.35
Erasmo Ramirez TOTAL 1.86
Anthony Fernandez TOTAL 1.80
Jose Campos Everett 1.67
Ricardo Pereira VSL M's 1.64

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