Power Rankings

Where will each team stack up when all is said and done? It's still early, but InsideThePark's Luke Lapinski chimes in with his projections.

1. Atlanta - have they ever not won the division?

2. Oakland - Zito, Mulder, Hudson... ‘nuff said

3. NY Yankees - hmmm... well, i guess money can buy everything... except maybe the occasional win against Texas... at home

4. Seattle - coming together: even Cirillo hit over .350 last week

5. San Fransisco - struggling of late... but if L.A. doesn't start hitting, these guys have already won the West

6. Boston Red Sox - Trot Nixon knows what's up - this bullpen's only good for 2 outs an inning anyway

7. Minnesota - contract this

8. Montreal - in great shape as long as Zach Day doesn't come unglued

9. Chicago Cubs - good pitching should keep them afloat until Sammy returns

10. Philadelphia - Kevin Millwood is becoming unhittable

11. Houston - you gotta like their chances...until the playoffs of course

12. Los Angeles - Kevin Brown was still healthy when I wrote this

13. Kansas City - starting to come back to Earth

14. St. Louis - don't think a bullpen's important? look at these guys

15. Toronto - Vernon Wells is the real deal

16. Anaheim - anyone remember who won the World Series last year?

17. Texas - who needs pitching when you have A-Rod, Palmeiro and Juan Gone... and Carl Everett... AND Hank Blalock

18. Chicago White Sox - team has 20 wins, 7 by Esteban Loaiza... someone isn't pulling their weight (see: Mark Buehrle)

19. Cincinnati - power trio: Dunn, Kearns, and... Aaron Boone? hey, whatever works

20. Colorado - you know, every once in a while a road win wouldn't hurt

21. Arizona - good thing they got rid of Durazo when they did, huh?

22. NY Mets - Mo Vaughn: lots of $.... Tom Glavine: lots of $... spending a lot of money and still never winning: priceless

23. Florida - sure would love to be Jack McKeon - no wait, that's a lie

24. Pittsburgh - that's right, Randall Simon leads this team in hitting... no no, let me repeat that: Randall Simon

25. Cleveland - where's Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn when you need him?

26. Tampa Bay - mathematically eliminated... just wait till next year

27. Milwaukee - only real concerns are at pitching and hitting... and maybe fielding... just wait till 2071

28. Baltimore - read these words carefully: swept at home by Detroit

29. San Diego - they weren't even that good with Nevin and Hoffman.. go Chargers

30. Detroit - trying to figure out how to put my disgust into words

Luke Lapinski lives in Tempe, AZ and attends the Arizona State University, where he hosts the radio show, "The Mad UnderGrads." He once ate a hot dog from the Kingdome and survived to tell about it. Luke enjoys reading feedback, and can be reached at thebigll@hotmail.com.

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