Luke's Power Rankings

It's the final day of June, and the familiar names remain atop this week's power rankings. In his latest weekly installment, Luke pokes fun at the Mariners, dogs the Brewers pretty bad (as usual) and wonders if LeBron can swing the lumber in the land of the Tribe.

1. ATLANTA (1) - Let me get this straight, they gave up Damian Moss (2-4 8.91 ERA since May 23rd) for Russ Ortiz (10-4 3.37 ERA in 2003)?

2. SEATTLE (2) - Good news: no more games against the Padres (They didn't really give up 6 in the 9th to lose on Sunday did they?)

3. NY YANKEES (3) - Oh, big deal. Anyone can beat the Mets.

4. SAN FRANCISCO (6) - Bonds joins the 500-500 Club - who hasn't done that? Oh yeah, everyone to ever play the game... Bonds IS the 500-500 Club.

5. BOSTON (8) - You shouldn't run up the score - it makes it harder for the other team to come back and beat you in the 9th.

6. PHILADELPHIA (10) - Have won 8 of 9 - including 2 of 3 in Atlanta - to climb back into the race.

7. OAKLAND (5) - Wow, Eric Byrnes hits for the cycle - how often does that happen?

8. TORONTO (7) - Halladay falls short in bid to win 12 in a row... what a failure.

9. ARIZONA (15) - Who needs Schilling or Johnson anyway? or Hillenbrand... or Spivey... or Womack... or Mantei.

10. LOS ANGELES (4) - 3 starters (Nomo, Brown, Ishii) sporting ERAs under 3.00.

11. MONTREAL (11) - See: Oakland (and replace "Eric Byrnes" with "Brad Wilkerson").

12. ST. LOUIS (16) - Hart of the team: .460, 12 runs, 33 total bases in 9 games; looks like Bo knows baseball.

13a. KANSAS CITY (14) - Back in first, but they could still deal Beltran to someone like the Yankees for a batting cage or something.

13b. MINNESOTA (13) - They've managed to choke away the AL Central lead - don't even see how that's possible.

15. CHICAGO CUBS (12) - You traded Dontrelle Willis for what?!?

16. ANAHEIM (19) - This just in: Troy Glaus has been corking his bat with lead (now 6 for his last 63).

17. HOUSTON (9) - 1-5 and Jeff Kent to the DL makes for a bad week.

18. COLORADO (17) - Is there a more average team in baseball?

19. CHICAGO WHITE SOX (21) - Somehow this team is just 4 1/2 games back of the division lead (good old AL Central).

20. FLORIDA (18) - Probably shouldn't be giving up 14 runs in 1 inning if you ever want to win anything.

21. CINCINNATI (20) - Yeah, well, at least they didn't give up 25 runs in one game.

22. PITTSBURGH (24) - Well, if nothing else, they beat up on 11-game winner Shawn Chacon.

23. BALTIMORE (23) - What? I have to write something about the Orioles every week?

24. MILWAUKEE (26) - Every time they play a game, I play my own little game of hoping that game gets cancelled.

25. NY METS (22) - They actually found a way to do worse than usual this week.

26. CLEVELAND (25) - So... uh... what's LeBron doing right now?

27. TEXAS (27) - Good choice Juan!

28. SAN DIEGO (29) - Bad news: no more games against Seattle (they didn't really score 6 in the 9th to win on Sunday did they?)

29. TAMPA BAY (28) - On pace to finish a respectable 49 games out of first. It's a three-year plan, though, right Lou?

30. DETROIT (30) - On pace to finish 5 billion games out of first.

Luke Lapinski lives in Tempe, AZ and attends the Arizona State University, where he hosts the radio show, "The Mad UnderGrads." He once ate a hot dog from the Kingdome and survived to tell about it. Luke enjoys reading feedback, and can be reached at

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