St. Louis Cardinals: 7/7-7/8 Series

Guess what Giants' fans? It is now time for YOU to boo the likes of Pujols, Edmounds, Renteria, and Rolen after hearing the hospitality that St. Louis gave Barry Bonds. Can't you just wait for the deep fly balls of Pujols and Edmounds to turn into Pac Bell outs? The Cards are in town for a two game quicky.

The Giants fell short in the series finale in St. Louis after tasting the sweetness of limiting the best offensive team to three runs in three games. After losing the first series shamefully to the Giants, the Cardinals seek for revenge at Pac Bell Park. The Cardinals, who average about six runs per game, scored only three runs in the first three games in the four-game series against the Giants. That was unbelievable, and who would have thought that the Giants' pitching staff would completely shut down the Cardinals' offense? Alright, Jason Schmidt, that was a given. But rookie Jerome Williams and a reliever who spot started, Jim Brower also? Who would have thought? No complaints here, though.

The one big surprise of the last long and arduous meeting between these two teams was Kirk Rueter. Rueter has been 5-0 at Busch Stadium and has always pitched well in his hometown. Felipe Alou even went out of his way to make sure that Rueter started in St. Louis. Well, Rueter gave up eight runs in one inning, when the exploding Cardinals offense came back with a vengeance in the finale game of the series. Granted, the Giants did not send up their best offensive line-up to give Rueter much support on the offensive end, but the Giants still mustered up five runs, which was more than enough to win any of the previous three games at Busch Stadium.

Both teams are coming off a winning series. The Cardinals have won back their place atop of the NL Central Division after dropping a few games while losing to the Giants. The Giants have also cushioned their NL West lead with the Dbacks and the Dodgers dooking it out in LA. The Giants had a few close ones in San Diego while the Cardinals continued their offensive dominance against Chicago.

Now that the series has moved to Pac Bell, the Cardinals' offense will be in even more trouble. Not only is Pac Bell the home of the Giants, but it is also one of the hardest ballparks to hit in. Can't you just see Albert Pujols and Jim Edmounds driving the ball only to see it fly into the glove of Jose Cruz, Jr.? It's going to be a wonderful series.

San Francisco:

  • Benito Santiago (C): left pinky finger (day-to-day status)
  • Marvin Bernard (LF): bruised left knee (15-day DL)

    St. Louis:

  • Miguel Cairo (2B): broken hand (15-day DL)
  • Fernando Vina (2B): hamstring surgery (out at least 6 weeks)
  • Chris Widger (C): hand (15-day DL)
  • Steve Torrealba (C): elbow (60-day DL)
  • Joe Girardi (C): back (15-day DL)
  • Eli Marrero (RF): ankle (out at least 6 weeks)
  • Lance Painter (P): hamstring (15-day DL)
  • Russ Springer (P): elbow (15-day DL)
  • Gene Stechschulte (P): shoulder (60-day DL)

    Garrett Stephenson (4-8, 4.29 ERA)

  • Giants batters .228 against him
  • lost last start against Giants

    Jason Simontacchi (6-4, 6.64 ERA)

  • Giants batters .286 against him
  • won only game for St. Louis in last four game Giants-Cardinals series

    Jerome Williams (3-1, 3.35 ERA)

  • Cardinals batters .190 against him
  • got a win against Cardinals in last start
  • only gave up four hits and had seven strikeouts in last start
  • Edmounds, Rolen, Renteria, and Pujols are only 1-12 against him

    Kirk Rueter (7-3, 4.44 ERA)

  • Cardinal batters .259 against him
  • gave up eight runs in one inning in last start (career worst)
  • had first lost at Busch Stadium in last start

    There is no stopping Jerome Williams right now. He has definitely settled in at the big league level and is showing everyone that age means nothing. This rookie showed up Garrett Stephenson in their last meeting, with Stephenson giving up four runs to the Giants and Williams only giving up one run to the Cardinals. Not only has Williams been phenomenal, but he's limited Pujols, Edmounds, Renteria, and Rolen to only one hit in twelve combined at-bats against him. How impressive is that?

    Woody, Woody, Woody... No, not Woody Williams, but OUR Woody. Rueter has had really shaky starts recently, which is not like him at all. Many think he'll get himself together soon enough, and I am no different. Rueter will win this one and you can bet his determination brought him to the mound everyday to throw pitch after pitch until he's worked himself out.

    First Base:
    Tino Martinez (.288)

  • .343 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (1-2): one strikeout
  • vs. Rueter (1-2): one strikeout

    J.T Snow (.274)

  • .317 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (5-7): three 2B, one homerun
  • vs. Simontacchi (2-7): one 2B, one RBI, one strikeout

    Andres Galarraga (.296)

  • .227 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (1-8): one RBI, one strikeout
  • vs. Simontacchi (0-3): one strikeout

    Defense: Giants
    Snow immediately showed how important his presence was in the defense for the Giants. The Giants have rarely committed any errors since his return to the team.

    Offense: Tied
    Martinez has been a hot hitter for the Cardinals. He was also the only one who seemed to find any connection offensively against the Giants in the last series. Snow has been good himself, knocking in the game winning run in the last game against the Padres. Galarraga has gone into somewhat of a small slump recently. He may need more rest than he thinks, and that calf muscle doesn't seem to be looking any better.

    Second Base:
    Bo Hart (.390)

  • .083 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (1-2)
  • vs. Rueter (0-2): one RBI

    Ray Durham (.307)

  • .299 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (2-4)
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-3): one 2B, one strikeout

    Neifi Perez (.285)

  • .264 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (3-14): three 2Bs, one strikeout
  • vs. Simontacchi (0-6)

    Defense: Giants
    Durham and Perez form a good combined force of defense. Perez continues to excel defensively at second base and shortstop.

    Offense: Giants
    Hart was pretty impressive when he was first called up from the minors for the Cardinals, but the Giants gave him a reality slap. Welcome to the big leagues, buddy, as Schmidt blew fastball after fastball by him, and all he could do was swing and miss. Durham is in a little slump of his own, but is still able to get on base anyway he can. Perez has been great off the bench, giving the Giants the all important clutch hit that they need.

    Edgar Renteria (.328)

  • .229 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (1-3)
  • vs. Rueter (8-31): one 2B, one 3B, two homeruns, six RBIs, two strikeouts

    Wilson Delgado (.183)

  • .143 against Giants pitchers
  • never faced Williams
  • never faced Rueter

    Rich Aurilia (.261)

  • .299 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (3-10): three RBIs, three strikeouts
  • vs. Simontacchi (4-8): three 2Bs

    Renteria made an error that lost a game against the Cubs. Aurilia has been solid at shortstop, but made a minor mistake in the last game against the Padres that gave the Padres a bases loaded.

    Offense: Tied
    Renteria continues to be one of the top hitters in the NL, but Aurilia is also showing signs of heating up with a few hits and RBIs in the last series against San Diego. He also got his first jack in his last sixty-one at-bats. Also with Santiago injured, he will have the job of batting behind Bonds, where he will get a healthy feed of fastballs and where pitchers will walk Bonds to get to him. Delgado has been struggling offensively.

    Third Base:
    Scott Rolen (.285)

  • .238 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (0-3): one strikeout
  • vs. Rueter (8-23): one 2B, one 3B, two homeruns, five RBIs, five strikeouts

    Edgardo Alfonzo (.228)

  • .325 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (0-12): one RBI, two strikeouts
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-3)

    Pedro Feliz (.246)

  • .286 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (0-1): one RBI
  • vs. Simontacchi (0-3): two strikeouts

    Defense: Giants
    Alfonzo came up with some good defensive plays at third, and Rolen is also good defensively but the defense backing Alfonzo up is better than the Cardinals.

    Offense: Cardinals
    Rolen is another big hitter for the Cardinals. Alfonzo has been slowly coming out of his long slump, but he is still yet to hit a jack in over one hundred last at-bats. Feliz is even worse against the Cardinals and he didn't perform too well against the Cardinals in the last series. Maybe the Feliz we saw against Oakland was just what it was: Feliz against Oakland.

    Mike Matheny (.278)

  • .257 against Giants pitchers
  • never faced Williams
  • vs. Rueter (6-24): one 2B, two RBIs, two strikeouts

    Benito Santiago (.294)

  • .310 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (1-3): one 2B
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-4): one 2B, one strikeout

    Yorvit Torrealba (.272)

  • .222 against Cardinals pitchers
  • never faced Stephenson
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-3): one 2B

    Defense: Tied
    Matheny is a difficult catcher to steal off of, and Torrealba has thrown out a few as well. The Giants will be lacking in this position as long as Santiago is injured.

    Offense: Tied
    Matheny had a decent series against the Giants, and with Santiago injured, Torrealba will have to perform well offensively, which he has been in the last series against the Padres, getting a few hits and getting on base.

    Left Field:
    Albert Pujols (.374)

  • .154 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (0-3): one strikeout
  • vs. Rueter (2-11): one homerun, three RBIs

    Barry Bonds (.304)

  • .256 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (2-7): one homerun
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-1): two walks

    Defense: Giants
    Bonds robbed Pujols of a few hits in the last series where some of his line drives were caught by Bonds. Bonds seemed to be telling Pujols that if he wants to be compared to Bonds, then he'll have to play defense first.

    Offense: Giants
    Too bad, Pujols, he just can't hit against the Giants. Bonds can hit anyone, anytime, anywhere. This mini-battle that Bonds has with the Pujols comparison will blow his ego up even more, making him perform higher than he does.

    Center Field:
    Jim Edmounds (.304)

  • .259 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (0-3): one strikeout
  • vs. Rueter (5-22): one 2B, one homerun, three RBIs, two strikeouts

    Marquis Grissom (.302)

  • .252 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (0-3)
  • never faced Simontacchi

    Defense: Tied
    Grissom made some great defensive stops, if the sun's out of his way. Edmounds is a Gold Glover and rarely makes any mistakes.

    Offense: Cardinals
    Edmounds is another hot hitter for the Cardinals, leading the league in homeruns and being right up there in almost every hitting category. Grissom has been a consistent hitter for the Giants as well.

    Right Field:
    J.D. Drew (.305)

  • .146 against Giants pitchers
  • never faced Williams
  • vs. Rueter (1-6): two strikeouts

    Orlando Palmeiro (.280)

  • .118 against Giants pitchers
  • vs. Williams (0-1): two walks
  • never faced Rueter

    Eduardo Perez (.294)

  • .280 against Giants pitchers
  • never faced Williams
  • vs. Rueter (4-10): one 2B, one RBI

    Jose Cruz, Jr. (.259)

  • .291 against Cardinals pitchers
  • vs. Stephenson (0-2)
  • vs. Simontacchi (1-2): one homerun, two RBIs

    Defense: Giants
    I think every pitcher has the same thought in their mind every time they throw a pitch: have the batter hit the ball to Cruz because no matter what, Cruz will come up with a way to catch it.

    Offense: Giants
    Since Drew is still out with injury and his return is uncertain and Cruz's bat is heating up, look for Cruz to have a good series.

    Relievers: Giants
    The Giants' bullpen continues to deliver is finally showing signs of the April/early May bullpen that the Giants knew of. Jim Brower and Chad Zerbe have been good long relievers and Joe Nathan and Scott Eyre are also brilliant. Felix Rodriguez has become the ideal set-up man for the Giants.

    Closer: Giants
    Tim Worrell continues his excellence as closer for the Giants, collecting his twentieth save in his past appearance against the Padres. Jason Isinghausen has also done well since becoming the Cardinals' closer, with an ERA of only .093, but the experience still goes to Worrell and the Giants.

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