Current and Ex Mariners of the Week: All-Star Week

Well, there wasn't really a whole lot of baseball over the past week due to the All-Star break. So, we present the exclusive Current- and Ex- Mariners of the Week… All-Star style.

Mariner of the Week
In a close race with Jamie Moyer, who pitched a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout, The Mariner All-Star of the Week goes to Ichiro.

The starting right fielder didn't have an official at-bat, but he did reach base twice in three bats with a run scored, plus a spectacular catch.

Both Ichiro and Moyer were key contributors to the outcome of the game, which could prove to be key to the Mariners' season, because this time it counts.

But if Ichiro doesn't get on base and score then who knows if the AL would have picked up the one-run victory giving the Mariners the opportunity to have home-field advantage in the World Series, if they make it the fall classic.

Ex Mariner of the Week
The ex-Mariner All-Star of the Week goes to SS Alex Rodriguez. He sort of gets this award by default due to the fact he was the only former Mariner in the game.

A-Rod was 1 for 3 and he did score once. He won the fan vote for the third year in row.

As most every Mariner fan will never forget, Rodriguez left the Mariners after the 2000 season for more money with the division-rival Texas Rangers.

He has since spent two, losing seasons with the Rangers, with a third on the way, while the Mariners have two 90-plus-win seasons.

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