Who Has Been The Mariners' 2012 MVP?

As the regular season winds down, SeattleClubhouse asks our readers, who gets your vote for the Mariners' 2012 MVP? Are you going with Felix's dominant pitching? Jaso's clutch hits? Seager's 2-out RBI? Ryan's otherworldly defense? The Bartender's closing? Read about them all and more inside and place your vote.

There will be no playoffs for the Seattle Mariners in 2012 and it is highly unlikely that anyone on their roster will warrant enough American League MVP votes to be worth remembering down the road, but when they play their last game of the 2012 season, we will still look back and ask what went right and what went wrong.

The Seattle Chapter of the BBWAA chimed in with their thoughts on the Mariners with the awards being presented pre-game on Friday. They named Kyle Seager the team's Most Valuable Player, Felix Hernandez the Most Valuable Pitcher with John Jaso picking up the Unsung Hero award. Munenori Kawasaki picked up the MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award, too.

In that light, I thought it would be prudent to get the input from our readers about who they think has been the club's Most Valuable Player of the 2012 season as we have only 12 games left to go on the year.

There are no hard and fast rules here; you vote for the MVP based on your criteria for what you consider an MVP to be. Think Kawasaki's dugout dancing and post game celebratory...whatever you want to call...was worthy of your vote? Throw it on there.

Dustin Ackley took the reigns of the leadoff role and played a great defenseive second base all season. Felix Hernandez pitched his heart out all year and was close to perfect before actually being Perfect. John Jaso was huge all season long for a team that struggled to hit and provided a lot of late-game heroics. Jesus Montero is just 22 and even though he didn't post huge numbers, he is a solid presence in the middle of the order. Brendan Ryan has played at or above Gold Glove-level defense all season. Michael Saunders used a revamped swing, stepped in for the injured Gutierrez and stepped up his game. Kyle Seager wasn't even a starter when the M's broke for Japan but leads the club in RBI by a wide margin while hitting in the 3-hole in his first full season. Jason Vargas has been every bit a quality No. 2 starter. Tom Wilhelmsen took over for League and used his fastball-curve combo to become a lockdown guy in the 9th. Or maybe you have someone else -- go for it!

Select from the 10 choices in the poll below and then discuss your choice with your fellow Mariners' fans in the forums.

Who is Your Pick for the Mariners 2012 Team MVP?
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