SeattleClubhouse Q&A: Brad Miller

In his first contribution to SeattleClubhouse, Taylor Ward caught up with Mariners shortstop prospect Brad Miller after Sunday's game to talk about big league camp, his old school style of play and playing third base.

In Peoria with SeattleClubhouse for a few days, I made it out to the big league game Sunday and had the opportunity to talk with prospect Brad Miller afterwards. Here is that quick interview with one of the best and brightest prospects in the Mariners' system - enjoy!

SeattleClubhouse's Taylor Ward: How is your first Spring Training on the 40-man roster going?

Brad Miller: It's been awesome! I got to go over a little bit last year just to be around it, but this year I'm working with the players and coaches directly. It's been a lot of fun being around such an amazing group of guys. I'm taking it all in as much as I can.

SC: You've played third base quite a few times this Spring, how are you enjoying that?

BM: It's cool, they want to rep me everywhere. I'm learning details about every position. It's really great being able to move around and try everything.

SC: You throw right and bat left, when did you realize you were a left handed batter and have you ever attempted being a switch hitter?

BM: (laughs) I couldn't hit right if my life depended on it. I'm just all messed up when it comes to stuff like that. I write right, golf right, throw a football left, just really odd that way. My dad was similar, he was a switch hitter. I throw a football lefty though, I couldn't even throw a football right handed to that pole over there (roughly 20 feet). When I was young I broke my arm playing football and just learned to throw left instead of right. Funny story actually, the first glove my dad bought for me was for a lefty, and of course I put it on the wrong hand. I've just always been a little messed up I guess (laughs).

SC: I was sitting with some older Mariners fans today who talked about your "old school" style of play and also not wearing batting gloves and wearing your socks high. What made you decide to play with an "old school" style?

BM: I think it's fun. I enjoy being dirty and going all out. I have to run around and dive and just play the game that way. I've never played with batting gloves, I just grab some dirt or rosin and dust my hands with it. I use the real wood bats, I just love the feel of it. For me, the game should be played just going all out and that's what I try to do every time I play.

SC: Today, you impressed more than a few Mariners fans with an incredible at bat in the bottom of the 8th. Can you take us through that at bat?

BM: Shoot, I was trying to catch a fastball. The pitcher was a big guy and kept putting them in there. I fouled a few off after drawing a full count and saw a changeup and just went for it and came away with a triple. Kendrys [Morales] really brought it home with the homer though. That guy is seriously just so good. He was telling me the pitch was just a "little sinker" (laughs), he's just incredible. It was great getting my name called though and a great feeling being able to come away with something like that.

. . . . . . . . . .

I have to thank Brad for taking the time to sit down with me and my photographer after the game for this interview. On a personal note, Brad is an outstanding guy on and off the field. I was blessed to work with him during his time with the Mavericks and really just can't say enough about the guy. I'll have more interviews to come over the season. Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of Spring Training, and if you haven't made it out to Peoria yet, I highly recommend it. Great facility with even greater staff.

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