Vote for the M's best left fielder of all time would like to introduce a new fan interactive section to the site that will hopefully catch on over the coming weeks. We have taken the top 32 M's left fielders in team history and broken them down into four brackets, divided by decade. You the fans will be able to vote each day for the left fielder you feel should advance through the brackets for a chance at the top honor as we look to crown, once and for all, the best left fielder in Mariners history.

There are two regions with two brackets in each. The winners of each region will face one another in the finals.

Voters will have two days to vote for each matchup at the poll on the left side of the web site. Whichever player has the most votes, naturally, will advance.

Every two days we will provide you with the newest matchup, supplying all the stats and information you need on each player to make an educated vote.

We apoligize to the Marc Newfields and Keith Mitchells that didn't quite make the final cut.

On to the matchups:

Kingdome Region

Bracket No. 1 - 1970's and 1980's

Steve Henderson 16
Tom Paciorek 53

Darnell Coles 32
Mickey Brantley 44

Bruce Bochte 15
Phil Bradley 53

Henry Cotto 53
Jeffrey Leonard 22

Bracket No. 2 - 1990's

Greg Briley 60
Kevin Mitchell 11

Alex Diaz 33
Darren Bragg 32

Rich Amaral 60
Lee Tinsley 11

Eric Anthony
Mike Felder

Safeco Field Region

Bracket No. 3 - 2000-current

Rickey Henderson
Mark McLemore

Raul Ibanez
Randy Winn

John Mabry
Al Martin

Ruben Sierra
Stan Javier

Bracket No. 4 - 1990's

Ken Griffey Sr.
Jose Cruz Jr.

Glenallen Hill
Roberto Kelly

Vince Coleman
Brian L. Hunter

Mark Whiten
Butch Huskey

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