Fantasy Insider: NL OF Rankings

Here are the initial fantasy rankings for the National League outfielders, including rotisserie dollar values and projections for 2004. Who are the elite? Who are the sleepers? Who should you stay away from? Members can find out right now!

Projections are listed as follows: AVG - HR - RBI - Runs - SB. These prices are for regular 5x5 Rotisserie-style leagues with MLB Universe. Adjust prices upward for AL/NL-only leagues.


1-Barry Bonds, SF $35
The man has gone where no man has gone before. On Planet Bonds only Godpapa Willie, the Babe and Bad Henry remain to be passed. Too bad the jealous keep the rumors flying as well. Well, Barry, it's lonely at the top
Projection: .315- 40- 98- 92- 5

2-Sammy Sosa, CHN $30
Over 500 blasts and counting... Sammy now has protection in the lineup and the best arms around on the mound. Does this finally mean a World Series title for the starving wee bears?
Projection: .270- 33- 95- 80- 1

3-Lance Berkman, HOU $29
Dropped a peg or two in 2003, Berkman should bounce back nicely in 2004, putting up huge numbers as Astros will battle Cubs tooth and nail throughout the season for NL Central supremacy.
Projection: .310- 35- 110- 95- 6

4-Brian Giles, SD $28
Change of address and huge lineup could mean big, big numbers for a healthy Giles in 2004. Padres and Cubs in NL title struggle? Wild Card Astros might have last word here.
Projection: .290- 31- 105- 90- 8

5-Bobby Abreu, PHL $26
Time for Bobby to regain his 30-30 form as the Phillies will make big noise in the NL East race. However, they will fall short in the playoffs, but it will be no fault of Bobbys.
Projection: .285- 30- 88- 97- 32


6-Preston Wilson, COL $25
Preston takes advantage of Coors again, and simply puts up HUGE numbers. Too bad that he just wonít have the supporting cast to go along with them.
Projection: .271- 37- 122- 96- 15

7-Jim Edmonds, STL $24
The Pujols and Edmonds combination keeps the Cards in contention, but in the end the Cubs and Astros will be too much for the Redbirds.
Projection: .284- 32- 103- 89- 2

8-Andruw Jones, ATL $24
It's the firm of Jones&Jones to the rescue in Dixie, but although the dynamic duo keeps on stacking the deck, the Braves will fall to the Netherlands of the NL East.
Projection: .276- 35- 107- 91- 7

9-Chipper Jones, ATL $23
(See Above) Chipper keeps on getting on.
Projection: .312- 27- 92- 85- 6

10-Luis Gonzalez, ARZ $22
That 57-homer year is long in the past, as is the Diamondbacks' world title. Gonzo will do about 25-90 here on out, and that should do just find if you have the proper bookends to go with him.
Projection: .277- 27- 90- 85-2

11-Shawn Green, LA $21
A year ago, Green was a first round pick and top-five outfielder, but a bad team that plays in a bad park has taken its toll. The Dodgers are a very poor offensive team, and Shawn won't be able to right the ship by himself.
Projection: .281- 25- 87- 79- 5

12-Richard Hidalgo, HOU $20
Just as Green struggles in a bad lineup, Hidalgo does just fine surrounded by the likes of the Killer B's (Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman) and the Wannabe Eís (Ensberg and Everett). Richard could very well reach the heights of 2001 this season once again.
Projection: .267- 28- 84- 71- 6

13-Ryan Klesko, SD $20
Good health is important for Klesko in 2004. With Phil Nevin and Brian Giles batting around him, he could very well be at the top of hill at the end of the season.
Projection: .277- 24- 88- 75- 5

14-Scott Podsednik, MIL $19
Scott will lead the Brewers to a decent season in 2004. He will steal a ton of bases and score all the runs that a Brewer possibly can. He will also pop a few and a 20HR/50Steals season is not out of the question.
Projection: .308- 10 -55- 108- 45

15-Larry Walker, COL $18
Walker is getting long in the tooth and probably canít play more than 125 games anymore. Still Coors is kind to the weak and weary, and those two words donít exist in Larry's vocabulary. Look for one more decent season from Walker in 2004, but don't get him mixed-up with Larry that once was a top-five Fantasy pick.
Projection: .305- 31- 100- 91- 4

J. Pierre
Pierre: Is "Crazy" Fast!
16-Juan Pierre, FLA $17
Will put up great numbers in Steals, Runs and Average in 2004 and he is a great option as your 4th outfielder. Having him probably means youíll rule the league in thefts, or be close to it. The Marlins slip a notch in 2004, but Juan will do just fine.
Projection: .317- 1- 41- 107- 61

17-Corey Patterson, CHN $17
Coming off a serious knee injury that easily cost him half of 2003, Patterson is a great candidate for Comeback Player of the Year in a superb Cubs lineup.
Projection: .287- 24- 93- 88- 28

18-Geoff Jenkins, MIL $16
Jenkins is ready to turn the corner in his ML career. The problem is that he has to stay healthy for 162 games and then the numbers should take care of themselves.
Projection: .275- 30- 98- 84- 3

19-Cliff Floyd, NYM $16
There is probably no single player whose health is more important to the outcome of his team in 2004 than Floydís. Cliff needs to play 130-135 games in 2004 for the Mets to have any hope for a decent season. So important in fact, that every game under 130, could mean an additional loss for the Mets.
Projection: .290- 26- 91- 86- 10

20-Carl Everett, MON $15
Yes, he is surly. Yes, he isn't everybody's friend. Yes, he will be playing on that awful turf in Montreal and yes, he is one hell of a ballplayer. Our gut reaction is to stay clear of Carl in 2004, because we don't think heís going to too happy in Oh Canada.
Projection: .266- 24- 83-72-11

21-Juan Encarnacion, LA $14
Has yet to tap his true potential 30/30??? No way in LA.
Projection: .279- 20- 69-74- 33

22-Austin Kearns, CIN $13
Has to be healthy, and the numbers will come.
Projection: .272- 23- 80- 69- 8

23-Reggie Sanders, STL $12
Puts up numbers no matter where he plays, as long as he is in the proper mood.
Projection: .265- 22- 71- 60-12

24-Steve Finley, ARZ $12
Ancient warrior still in superb condition still good for double figures in HRs and thefts.
Projection: .278- 18- 75- 65-14

25-Jay Payton, SD $11
Move from Coors a career mistake (?) SD lineup could pacify him.
Projection: .280- 17-73- 62- 6

26-Moises Alou, CHN $11
Look for a slight increase in his numbers due to better lineup.
Projection: .283- 21- 80- 67-2

27-Mike Cameron, NYM $10
Cam should hit double figures in both HRs and steals. Nice Fantasy 4th OF.
Projection: .263-19-74-72-16

28-Adam Dunn, CIN $10
Hits the ball great distances and has plate control now needs to increase BA.
Projection: .245- 32- 84- 63- 13

29-Brad Wilkerson, MON $10
With Vlad gone, his role on the Expos increases. Power numbers should remain steady, with a mix of speed.
Projection: .276- 24-70- 66- 15

30-Miguel Cabrera, FLA $10
Superstar on the rise. If also eligible at 3B, his value virtually doubles.
Projection: .279- 25- 76- 81- 8


31-J.D. Drew, ATL $9
Not a viable pick until he remains healthy for a length of time.
Projection: .280- 13 -65- 55- 7

K. Griffey
Griffey: Please stay healthy! Please!
32-Ken Griffey, Jr., CIN $9
Good health a must for aging Griffey.
Projection: .274- 21- 75- 68- 1

33-Jeromy Burnitz, COL $8
Colorado could do wonders for his numbers
Projection: .255- 27- 77- 59- 3

34-Pat Burrell, PHL $8
Man on the bubble, how 2004 goes could determine the path of this career.
Projection: .250- 26- 68- 61- 1

35-Dave Roberts, LA $7
Could slip off the radar this season if hamstrings don't behave;speed is his game.
Projection: .265- 3- 34- 80- 47

36-Jeff Conine, FLA $7
Conine the Barbarian a solid fit for any team, and he's back to his roots in FLA.
Projection: .271- 18- 68- 60- 6

37-Craig Biggio, HOU $7
Seton Hall alum gets his second wind in deep Stros lineup.
Projection: .270- 15- 62-73-10

38-Marquis Grissom, SF $6
Slip sliding away; year older everything he does is a bonus.
Projection: .271- 14- 63- 54- 9

39-Xavier Nady, SD $6
A young man with a solid future. Pads have a deep, deep outfield.
Projection: .277-17- 68- 55- 5

40-Jason Bay, PIT $6
Probably the best young player in Pittsburgh. Look for a rapid rise!
Projection: .285-17- 62- 67- 10

41-Roger Cedeno, NYM $6
Probably no single player has been maligned by both fans and press as much in the past year. Does he still have something left in the tank?
Projection: .274- 6- 50- 61- 27

42-Ben Grieve, MIL $5
New address for Ben, maybe the change will do him good.
Projection: .255-12- 48- 45-1

43-Michael Tucker, SF $5
Tucker needs to run to increase his value.
Projection: .266- 10- 52- 63-19

44-Tike Redman, PIT $4
Young player possible untapped resource, definite sleeper.
Projection: .280- 8- 47- 66-16

45-Termel Sledge, MON $4
Great name, hopefully numbers will follow suit also a choice snoozer.
Projection: .275-13- 61- 60- 12


46-Danny Bautista, ARZ $3
Health is very important to his comeback road.
Projection: .264- 15- 58- 50- 4

47-Karim Garcia, NYM $3
In the Mets right field mix with Cedeno and Timo Perez. With regular play could hit 20 HRs and value would rise accordingly.
Projection: .260- 13- 45- 32- 1

48-Eli Marrero, ATL $3
Has to avoid the injury bug and if he does will prove valuable.
Projection: .267- 12- 48- 38- 6

49-Kerry Robinson ,STL $2
Absolute bench jockey at this point.
Projection: .256- 6- 31- 37- 6

50-Shane Spencer, NYM $2
Another element in the Mets muddy RF mix.
Projection: .261- 10- 32- 24- 0

J. Lane
Lane: Is Primed to Shine.
51-Jason Lane, HOU $2
Could be a valuable mover, but no need to draft him immediately.
Projection: .270- 12- 35- 30- 5

52-Wily Mo Pena, CIN $2
Sleeper to the max. Needs to plays needs to produce then just maybe.
Projection: .252- 7- 35- 29- 2

53-Rob Mackowiak, PIT $2
Has some pop, should still get playing time with the Buccos.
Projection: .260-14- 41- 37- 3

54-Timo Perez, NYM $1
So many candidates for RF and time is running out for Timo.
Projection: .281- 3- 25- 41- 8

55-Dustan Mohr, SF $1
New league, hopefully more opportunity.
Projection: .255- 10- 47- 39- 3

56-Terrence Long, SD $1
Gone from Oakland, new to the NL, has some pop, needs to be consistent. But OF in SD is crowded.
Projection: .240-10- 45- 31- 3

57-Tom Goodwin, CHN $1
One-dimensional reserve. Was briefly valuable last season when Corey Patterson went down.
Projection: .247- 3- 23- 32- 20

58-Jeffrey Hammonds, SF $1
Now also a bench jockey, will hit a few dingers if he plays. Fading...
Projection: .251- 11- 28- 21- 4

59-Steve Smitherman, CIN $1
Playing time will tell the story could move up.
Projection: .267- 12- 35- 33- 6

60-John Vander Wal, Ricky Ledee, Todd Hollandsworth, and Doug Glanville $1
Best days are behind them, every at-bat a bonus here, as playing time will define their seasons. None will be major factors.

Special thanks to our in-house Fantasy Expert, Steve Usinger, for his help with this report.

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