2004 Major League Baseball Predictions

The end of Spring Training brings optimism in every Major League camp. Milwaukee thinks they have a chance to make some noise. The Tigers feel they are 15 games better. We at InsidethePark.com have taken it upon ourselves to prognosticate the season ahead. Check out how many hits we feel Ichiro will end up with, how many wins it will take to win the AL West, and who's the odds-on favorite to win the World Series.


Team Wins
Jason A. Churchill: 96
Jamie Cobb: 94
Sean Duade: 88
Joe Kaiser: 96
Ian Levin: 95
Joseph A. Yencich: 99

Best Starter ERA
Churchill: Jamie Moyer, 3.38
Cobb: Joel Pineiro, 3.20
Duade: Moyer, 3.45
Kaiser: Pineiro, 3.27
Levin: Pineiro, 3.28
Yencich: Moyer, 3.13

Starter Wins
Churchill: Jamie Moyer/Joel Pineiro, 17
Cobb: Pineiro, 21
Duade: Ryan Franklin, 17
Kaiser: Pineiro, 18
Levin: Pineiro, 22
Yencich: Pineiro, 19

Reliever ERA
Churchill: Rafael Soriano, 2.64
Cobb: Shigetoshi Hasegawa, 1.20
Duade: Soriano, 1.89
Kaiser: Hasegawa, 2.22
Levin: Soriano, 2.37
Yencich: Soriano, 2.75

Batting Average Leader
Churchill: Ichiro Suzuki, .337
Cobb: Ichiro, .340
Duade: Ichiro, .335
Kaiser: Ichiro, .337
Levin: Ichiro, .332
Yencich: Ichiro, .347

Home Run Leader
Churchill: Bret Boone, 33
Cobb: Boone, 32
Duade: Boone, 32
Kaiser: Boone, 31
Levin: Boone, 36
Yencich: Boone, 36

RBI Leader
Churchill: Bret Boone, 118
Cobb: Raul Ibanez, 119
Duade: Boone, 112
Kaiser: Boone, 124
Levin: Boone, 122
Yencich: Boone, 121

Hits by Ichiro
Churchill: 214
Cobb: 220
Duade: 212
Kaiser: 209
Levin: 205
Yencich: 217

E's by Spiez
Churchill: 12
Cobb: 10
Duade: 16
Kaiser: 12
Levin: 11
Yencich: 11

Saves by Eddie
Churchill: 35
Cobb: 39
Duade: 28
Kaiser: 30
Levin: 46
Yencich: 41

Wins by Freddy
Churchill: 15
Cobb: 15
Duade: 14
Kaiser: 14
Levin: 14
Yencich: 18

Games Started by Davis
Churchill: 81
Cobb: 40
Duade: 98
Kaiser: 8
Levin: 90
Yencich: 92

Pinch Hits by Hansen
Churchill: 9
Cobb: 5
Duade: 9
Kaiser: 5
Levin: 13
Yencich: 12

Churchill: Two; Ichiro, Boone
Cobb: Three; Ichiro, Boone Pineiro
Duade: Three; Ichiro, Boone, Franklin
Kaiser: Four; Ichiro, Boone, Pineiro, Edgar
Levin: Four; Ichiro, Boone, Pineiro, Soriano
Yencich: Three; Ichiro, Boone, Pineiro

Gold Glovers
Churchill: Three; Ichiro, Boone, John Olerud
Cobb: Two; Ichiro, Boone
Duade: Three; Ichiro, Boone, Olerud
Kaiser: Two; Ichiro, Boone
Levin: Three; Ichiro, Boone, Olerud
Yencich: Three; Ichiro, Boone, Olerud

First Promoted Prospect
Churchill: Bobby Madritsch
Cobb: Travis Blackley
Duade: Jamal Strong
Kaiser: Hiram Bocachica
Levin: George Sherrill
Yencich: Madritsch

First Traded Mariner
Churchill: Kevin Jarvis
Cobb: Bobby Madritsch
Duade: Quinton McCracken
Kaiser: Ben Davis
Levin: Jarvis
Yencich: Jarvis


West Champions
Churchill: Seattle
Cobb: Anaheim
Duade: Oakland
Kaiser: Anaheim
Levin: Anaheim
Yencich: Seattle

Central Champions
Churchill: Minnesota
Cobb: Minnesota
Duade: Chicago
Kaiser: Minnesota
Levin: Kansas City
Yencich: Minnesota

East Champions
Churchill: Boston
Cobb: New York
Duade: New York
Kaiser: New York
Levin: New York
Yencich: Boston

Wild Card
Churchill: New York
Cobb: Seattle
Duade: Boston
Kaiser: Seattle
Levin: Seattle
Yencich: New York

Churchill: Carlos Beltran, Kansas City
Cobb: Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim
Duade: Alex Rodriguez, New York
Kaiser: Garret Anderson, Anaheim
Levin: Guerrero, Anaheim
Yencich: Rodriguez, New York

Cy Young
Churchill: Mark Mulder, Oakland
Cobb: Pedro Martinez, Boston
Duade: Martinez, Boston
Kaiser: Javier Vazquez, New York
Levin: Tim Hudson, Oakland
Yencich: Curt Schilling, Boston

Batting Champ
Churchill: Ichiro, Seattle, .337
Cobb: Nomar Garciaparra, Boston, .355
Duade: Ichiro, Seattle, .335
Kaiser: Ichiro, .337
Levin: Manny Ramirez, Boston, .338
Yencich: Ichiro, .347

Home Run Champ
Churchill: Alex Rodriguez, New York, 52
Cobb: Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim, 51
Duade: Gary Sheffield, New York, 49
Kaiser: Carlos Delgado, Toronto, 47
Levin: Rodriguez, New York, 52
Yencich: Rodriguez, New York, 46

AL Champions
Churchill: Boston
Cobb: New York
Duade: Boston
Kaiser: New York
Levin: New York
Yencich: Boston


West Champions
Churchill: Arizona
Cobb: San Francisco
Duade: San Francisco
Kaiser: San Diego
Levin: San Diego
Yencich: San Diego

Central Champions
Churchill: Chicago
Cobb: Chicago
Duade: Chicago
Kaiser: Chicago
Levin: Chicago
Yencich: Chicago

East Champions
Churchill: Philadelphia
Cobb: Philadelphia
Duade: Philadelphia
Kaiser: Atlanta
Levin: Philadelphia
Yencich: Philadephia

Wild Card
Churchill: Houston
Cobb: Houston
Duade: Houston
Kaiser: Philadelphia
Levin: Houston
Yencich: Helton

Churchill: Jim Thome, Philadelphia
Cobb: Sammy Sosa, Chicago
Duade: Mark Prior, Chicago
Kaiser: Albert Pujols, St. Louis
Levin: Brian Giles, San Diego
Yencich: Giles, San Diego

Cy Young
Churchill: Roy Oswalt, Houston
Cobb: Kerry Wood, Chicago
Duade: Mark Prior, Chicago
Kaiser: Wood, Chicago
Levin: Oswalt, Houston
Yencich: Wood, Chicago

Batting Champ
Churchill: Albert Pujols, St. Louis, .348
Cobb: Todd Helton, Colorado, .351
Duade: Barry Bonds, San Francisco, .385
Kaiser: Helton, .358
Levin: Pujols, .365
Yencich: Pujols, .353

Home Run Champ
Churchill: Jim Thome, Philadelphia, 52
Cobb: Sammy Sosa, Chicago, 50
Duade: Sosa, Chicago, 52
Kaiser: Thome, Philadelphia, 45
Levin: Richie Sexson, Arizona, 50
Yencich: Thome, Philadelphia, 49

NL Champions
Churchill: Philadelphia
Cobb: Houston
Duade: Chicago
Kaiser: Philadelphia
Levin: Chicago
Yencich: Philadelphia

World Series Champions:
Churchill: Boston
Cobb: Houston
Duade: Chicago Cubs
Kaiser: Seattle
Levin: Chicago Cubs
Yencich: Boston

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