Q & A with Chris Colton

In his first year with Mid-A Wisconsin, outfielder Chris Colton admits he's needed some time to adjust to the cold weather climate of the Midwest. The Georgia native talks about this and tackles many more questions thrown his way by InsidethePark's Kevin Damask in this Q & A.

InsidethePark.com: How would you describe your season with the Timber Rattlers so far?

Chris Colton: We've been having our ups and downs, but I just like being able to play. Baseball's fun for me and I love it.

ITP: Being from Georgia, was it hard to adjust to the Wisconsin weather?

Colton: Yeah, it was at first. (Laughs) When I first came up here it was cold, but you just have to get used to it. In baseball you play in all kinds of weather.

ITP: How did it feel when the Mariners drafted you?

Colton: It felt great. It was a big piece of the puzzle, being drafted, but the biggest thing was being able to play.

ITP: Why did you decide to play at Middle Georgia Junior College in 2002?

Colton: Basically my intentions were to go play with my cousin, Adrian. I just had an opportunity to go there and play with him. Things just worked out well for me there.

ITP: What's the toughest aspect of the game for an outfielder to learn?

You just have to stay focused at all times. You have to get good jumps on the ball and throw hard. Pretty much if you have the fundamentals, you have to just go out there and put it into play.

ITP: You've played every position in the outfield, but what position do you prefer to play and why?

Colton: Centerfield, because he's in command of everything. He's in command of the infielders, left and right. If a ball goes in the air and he calls it, everybody backs off. I just like the command of it.

ITP: As a batter, what is the toughest pitch to hit?

Colton: A slider or a curveball is always tough to hit. I mean those are the two that you just have to learn to stay back on and be patient at the plate.

ITP: What has been the biggest highlight of your career, so far?

Colton: Pretty much it was winning the MVP of the state tournament, when I was in junior college. I had a pretty good season for them.

ITP: What do you think the Timber Rattlers need to do to perform better offensively?

Colton: Keep our focus for nine innings. I'm not talking about just the first two or three innings. We need to go out there and score five runs and just shut the other team down. It's believing in your teammates, knowing that they'll get the job done if you don't.

ITP: As a baseball player, what is your daily routine like?

Colton: I get up in the morning and get something to eat. Then by around that time I head out to the ballpark. I get everything done and just prepare for the game.

ITP: What's the best advice you've every received while playing the game?

Colton: I've heard all lot of good advice. But one thing Josh Ellison always preaches is that "you have to be here in the moment right now and not think about anything else." You have to know that you're going to fail at baseball. If you get a hit three out of 10 times, you're batting .300. Let's face it, this game is built for you to fail and if you had any other job, you'd be fired. But, you just have to go out there and play and not worry about anything else.

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