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The Major League Baseball season is now a month-and-a-half old, and some teams have started to distance themselves from the pack. Others that haven't been so fortunate already have their sights set on 2005. Here's a look at the rankings - 1-through-30 - brought to you by Luke Lapinski.

1. ANAHEIM - (run) What else (run) can you say (run) about (run, run) these guys? (run) They're offense is (run) out of control. Look, they just scored 7 runs in the time it took to read that! (run)

2. LOS ANGELES - Adrian Beltre is becoming the star player everyone thought he could be when he first came into the league at the age of 12.

3. HOUSTON - Yep. Roger Clemens is done.

4. MINNESOTA - Carlos Silva has been dominant - well at least until he faced the White Sox Sunday and gave up 6 runs in 3 innings.

5. NY YANKEES - They've only won 14 of their last 18. The Boss isn't gonna like this.

6. CHI. CUBS - Uh yeah... I really wish Moises Alou would stop talking about his pre-game rituals. Forever.

7. BOSTON - Manny closed the deal on becoming a U.S. citizen this week. I'm surprised Steinbrenner didn't block it somehow.

8. TEXAS - A-who? Rod? Who's Rod? Rod Barajas?

9. FLORIDA - Hmmm... Carl Pavano's dating Alyssa Milano. Josh Beckett's dating Leann Tweeden. So that's why everyone wants to win the World Series.

10. PHILADELPHIA - Good thing Thome can hit because he apparently can't catch anymore - 3 errors this week.

11. OAKLAND - Mark Mulder might not only be their best starter but their best closer too, tossing back to back complete games.

12. CHI. WHITE SOX - Just 2 games back of division leading Minnesota but Billy Koch is still the closer so don't get too excited.

13. SAN DIEGO - Rumor has it they're doing so well because Jeff Cirillo hasn't had an at bat yet this year.

14. CINCINNATI - So what's so special about this triple crown thing? 3 wins in a row? Cincinnati's won three in a row. And this Smarty Jones character? Todd Jones is probably smart.

15. ST. LOUIS - How can a team be so average with such above average players?

16. MILWAUKEE - All of a sudden, that Sexson deal doesn't look so bad with Lyle Overbay making a serious run at all-star contention (.369 average, MLB leading 21 doubles and 38 RBI's).

17. PITTSBURGH - They finally go out and sign a free agent and he leaves the country.

18. ATLANTA - Looks like they might be dropping off after their long run at the top. Losing Marcus Giles to a broken collar bone definitely won't help.

19. BALTIMORE - What did they do to Ponson in San Francisco? (14-6 with a 3.77 ERA last year before the deal; 2-3 6.80 ERA this year).

20. DETROIT - Grabbed win number 18 this week in 32 games less than it took them last year when they were making all of our stomachs turn every time they took the field.

21. CLEVELAND - Jeff D'Amico placed on the "DL" for "pitching bad". Wait, I mean for "back problems".

22. NY METS - Well, I went and saw a Mets game in person this week. Someone owes me an apology. And his name is James Baldwin.

23. TORONTO - Allright! Reliever Aquilino Lopez is back! And so is his 9.58 ERA!

24. SAN FRANCISCO - Ok, they've shown what they can do without Barry and we're all horrified. When's he coming back?

25. SEATTLE - Well, at least they hurt their opponents' strength of schedule.

26. COLORADO - Joe Kennedy the lone bright spot on an otherwise horrible pitching staff (4-1, 2.85 ERA).

27. ARIZONA - I move that Jennie Finch moves into the rotation and takes Casey Daigle's spot. And if she doesn't want to, I move that anyone besides Casey Daigle moves into the rotation and takes Casey Daigle's spot.

28. KANSAS CITY - Honestly, if Beltran gets dealt to the Yankees...

29. MONTREAL - Ils sont fini.

30. TAMPA BAY - If William Hung can find success, anyone (or thing) can. Except the Devil Rays.

Luke is wrapping up his college career at Arizona State University, and would enjoy nothing more than reading your feedback at thebigll@hotmail.com.

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