Livin' it up with Livingston: Pop Quiz

Bobby Livingston hasn't only been an unbelievable pitcher this year (6-0, 1.44 ERA), he's also been a great sport. When came at him with 19 random questions, the Inland Empire southpaw wasted little time in giving us his answers.

Catherine Zeta Jones or Halle Berry?
Halle Berry – She's hot.

Wheaties or Coco Puffs?
Coco Puffs – Because they are chocolatey.

Matrix 1, 2, or 3?
I don't like the Matrix.

Spiderman or Batman?

Who'd you rather pitch to, Sammy Sosa or Mark McGwire?
Both of them.

Who'd you rather bat against, Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez?
Both of them.

What would you prefer? Being barefoot on a skating rink or being in a sauna with a jacket?
Barefoot on a skating rink.

Survivor or Average Joe?

Who would win a basketball game if you could play one, the IE pitching staff or the position players?
Probably the position players because they've got a lot bigger guys.

Sports Center or Baseball Tonight?
Baseball Tonight - Peter Gammons knows his stuff.

Complete game shutout or 15 strikeouts?
Complete game shutout - then you know you get the win.

Chess or Checkers?
Chess – it's more of a mind game

If you did a Triathlon, which event would be your favorite? Running, Biking, or Swimming?

Golf or Tennis?
Golf dude. I'm playing today.

Day game or night game?
Night game because I have all day to get ready.

Florida or Hawaii?
Hawaii because I've never been there.

What would you rather do? Play baseball in 30 degrees or football in 110?
Baseball in 30

You are stranded on a desert island and can bring only one person, who would it be?
By best friends little brother that was killed, Jake Lane.

What's harder – a perfect game in bowling or a perfect game in baseball?

Bobby will answer any questions you the subscribers may have for him as soon as there is a fair amount to answer at once. You can contact him at

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