Q & A with Adam Jones

InsidethePark's Kevin Damask caught up the Mariners top draft choice from 2003, Wisconsin shortstop Adam Jones. InsidethePark.com members can get an inside look at Jones' thoughts through two months of the season right now!

InsidethePark.com: What was your reaction upon being chosen as the Mariners' top draft pick in 2003?

Adam Jones: It was like, "Wow!" I didn't think I would go as high as I did but I just took it and ran with it.

ITP: Do you feel there's more pressure on you to perform well because of how high you were drafted?

Jones: Sometimes I think that when I play here in Wisconsin. I feel sometimes when I play here, I have to do more because of what people say about me but usually I don't care about that. I know early in the season I was worried about that but lately I haven't been concerned about that. I just go out there and play.

ITP: In high school you were also used as a pitcher. Do you ever miss being on the mound?

Jones: No. I don't miss that. I mean I liked pitching, but I didn't. My arm just didn't respond well.

ITP: What is the toughest position to play in the infield? Why?

Jones: Catcher, because you have to worry about blocking the ball and you have to know the hitters. You have to think all lot more and you have to know all the signs. There's all lot to demand out of the catchers.

ITP: What is the biggest difference from playing high school baseball and pro baseball?

Jones: High school you can't really say anything. Here you can speak your mind if you thought a call was bad, you can say something to the umpires. The game is faster here, it's better, and it's baseball here. In high school it was more like putting on a show. There's more strategy to the game here.

ITP: Playing at this level, what do you find most intimidating?

Jones: Nothing really, I don't get intimidated. If some pitcher is going to throw a 95 mph pitch, I'm just like well, that's a fastball. I just have to go up there and swing at it.

ITP: Who is the Timber Rattlers' most outspoken leader in the clubhouse?

Jones: I would probably go with Josh Ellison. There are a couple of other guys, Chris Collins and Evel Bastida. They express themselves.

ITP: What major league player do you admire the most?

Jones: Alex Rodriguez. Big shortstop, he's a five tool player and I'm going to be a five tool player. I just need to add power.

ITP: Who's the toughest pitcher you've faced in the Midwest League?

Jones: There's a couple. There's a pitcher for Cedar Rapids that throws pretty hard. There's a lefty for Clinton that throws a really good curve ball.

ITP: What sets you apart from other shortstops in the Mariners' system?

Jones: I'm the youngest one and I'm more athletic than most of them. If needed, I can play multiple positions. I play mostly in the middle infield but I can play at third and I can play in the outfield. I've played there a couple of times this season. I'm just more versatile.

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