Q & A: Jermaine Brock

InsidethePark.com's Richie Stone caught up with Mariners' 6th round draft pick Jermaine Brock to find out how his first week as a pro ball player has gone. Read on to find out who Jermaine's favorite player was as a kid, who he rooted for in the NBA Finals, and what current players he likes to watch.

InsideThePark.com: So Jermaine, how are you liking you professional experience so far?

Jermaine Brock: It's been a lot of fun. Very tiring, but a lot of fun getting to play every day.

ITP.com: What is the biggest difference going from high school baseball to the Arizona Rookie League?

JB: They don't teach as much in high school as they do in the rookie league. There also more guys playing at a higher level, which is different from high school.

ITP.com: What has the hardest adjustment been?

JB: Having to do everything on your own, not having your parents around. Also going from aluminum bats to wooden bats.

ITP.com: Tell me the typical a day in the life of a player in the Arizona Rookie League?

JB: I get up around 5:30 and I eat breakfast. Practice starts at 7:30 and we don't even see the pitchers except in batting practice, when they shag balls. Then the game starts around 10:30 a.m.

ITP.com: Is there a lot of free time?

JB: Yeah, there is, but a lot of guys are tired from the heat that they just go home and sleep.

ITP.com: Yes, being from Michigan the Arizona heat must be rough on you!

JB: Yeah, it's hot but they work us early in the morning so it isn't as bad.

ITP.com: Describe yourself as a player.

JB: I am very laid back. Coach has already yelled at me because of the way I was sitting back in the outfield. High school is a lot more laid back. I can't get away with as much as I did in high school.

ITP.com: If you had to compare yourself to a player in the majors right now who would it be?

JB: Either Juan Pierre or Torii Hunter because of their speed.

ITP.com: What are your main goals for this season?

JB: Just to work hard and play well here. I know because of my age that I won't be moving up this year so I just want to do well here so I can hopefully move up next year.

ITP.com: A lot of 17 year olds would kill for the $135,000 you got in your signing bonus. Have you done anything special with the money yet?

JB: I bought a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and I'm getting a real nice laptop computer.

ITP.com: What's it like playing for the team you grew up rooting for?

JB: It's amazing. Our uniforms say Mariners on them and it's just a great feeling to play for them.

ITP.com: Were you a big Griffey fan?

JB: Not so much as I was an Edgar Martinez and Tino Martinez.

ITP.com: Are you getting homesick yet?

JB: Yes, I miss home. I obviously miss my parents as well as my friends. I am keeping in touch with AOL Instant Messanger.

ITP.com: What is it that you miss the most?

JB: Mostly friends even though I am making a lot of new friends here.

ITP.com: Are you a fan of any of the local teams in Michigan? JB: Yes, I am a Detroit Pistons fan.

ITP.com: So you must have been pretty stoked about the finals this year?

JB: Oh yeah, I was going crazy. I went to a party and the whole place was going crazy. The house was shaking.

ITP.com: Who is your favorite player?

JB: Tayshaun Prince.

ITP.com: Ah, Tayshaun Prince, from the University of Kentucky- What about college sports?

JB: I am a huge college sports fan. It's not really a Michigan or Michigan State thing. I really like LSU. I like them because they have a strong football program as well as a top baseball program.

We would like to thank Jermaine Brock taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow Jermaine's journey in the Arizona Rookie League right here at InsidthePark.com

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