Olivo upbeat on rehab assignment in Everett

Mariners fans only had one day to get a glimpse of Miguel Olivo after he came over from Chicago in the Freddy Garcia trade. After playing one game with his new team, Olivo went on the DL the next day with a kidney stone. He is currently on rehab in Everett trying to get back into the swing of things, and it was there that InsidethePark's Joseph A. Yencich tracked him down to talk about the trade, the injury and the future.

You can tell what kind of player he is from his actions. After being traded from Chicago for Freddy Garcia two-and-a-half weeks ago, Miguel Olivo packed his bags and arrived in Seattle before Garcia had even cleaned out his locker. A few days later, he was calling his first game for the Mariners before the team had even received a new catcher's mask sporting the M's logo.

Now that he's recovered from surgery to remove a kidney stone and on rehab in Everett, you can only expect that he's eager to take the field again. One thing is for sure – the fans seem ready to embrace him as the catcher of the future.

After leaving the field in the top of seventh of his first game with the AquaSox on Tuesday night, Olivo was out with the fans in the stadium signing autographs.

"I'm happy to be here on my rehab," Olivo said, even as Everett was still playing Yakima in what ended up being a 5-1 loss. "Everyone seems excited to see some major league baseball here."

The excitement isn't limited to the fan base either. With the Mariners as a team in transition, youth will be served, with more moves on the horizon in each passing day. Olivo is welcoming the opportunity to be part of a new core of players on the team. Like all baseball fans in the Seattle area right now, he's trying to look forward rather than backward.

"There were some nice people in Chicago," he said, reminiscing on the trade "I had two or three years with them, and now I got traded here. But that's baseball, you know? There's nothing you can do. When you need somebody good, you have to give up somebody good."

Right now, Olivo's looking forward to where he can hold up his end of the bargain. He'll be starting for Everett again tonight, still searching for his first hit after going 0-for-6 from the plate in his first two games with the Mariners Northwest League affiliate. His return to Seattle figures to only be days away.

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