Mariners Minor League All Stars - Through July

Only one month remains in the regular season for each of the Mariners minor league affiliates, so felt it was time to name the M's minor league all-stars of 2004 based on players performances through July. Too early, you might say? It's never too early at InsidethePark.

1B- A.J. Zapp
Even with the high strikeout totals, he has flirted with .300 all season and will probably hit 30 home runs.

2B- Nick Orlandos
Orlandos has been a surprise at the plate after a solid season in Everett a season ago. The 23-year-old needs to make jump to the upper levels to gain prospect status.

3B- Justin Leone
Power totals could end up in the low-to-mid 30's when MLB totals are added. Played three positions in Triple-A, all adequately.

SS- Jose Lopez
Best player under 22-years-old in the league this year. Progress from Double-A to Triple-A proved remarkable.

C- Rene Rivera
Defense is his game, but his bat could shoot him up the charts. Started fast but fading at the plate in the second quarter of the year.

DH- Bucky Jacobsen
Jacobsen should trump Leone as organization's home run king, entering the big leagues with 26. His RBI totals led the entire minors for parts of the first half of the year.

LF- T.J. Bohn
Former 30th-rounder cooled off after quick start in Cal League. Has played well since promotion and could see Triple-A in 2005.

CF- Jamal Strong
Injuries. It's the one thing that has kept Strong from the show. He hits (.300+ average in 2003 and 2004), he runs (team leader in three pro seasons), and plays an adequate center field with high-quality left field skills.

RF- Shin-Soo Choo
Perhaps the M's minor league player of the year by season's end, Choo's first half was solid. Off to a hot start after the all-star break, the 22-year-old could see Triple-A soon.

SP- Travis Blackley
Top lefty in PCL during the first half. Shouldn't be in Triple-A too much longer.

SP- Felix Hernandez
One word. Good God. Ok that was two.

SP- Bobby Livingston
After a phenomenal start, the 21-year-old has cooled a bit of late but a solid finish sets up the left-hander for a run at the Texas League in 2005.

SP- Bobby Madritsch
Possibly the most ready of the pitchers on the Rainiers roster, only the injury slowed his migration to the big leagues. Probably won't see Tacoma again.

SP- Thomas Oldham
Rolled through Wisconsin and was clearly the staff ace in the first half. Second half should be a challenge after being sent to the California League.

RP- Cesar Jimenez
Jimenez could be top pure reliever in the system after a healthy Aaron Taylor graduates back to the majors. The left-hander paced the 66ers bullpen in several roles.

RP- Rick Guttormson
Pitched at his best when serving as the Missions closer. Not bad for a minor league free agent.

RP- George Sherrill
Recently voted the PCL's top relief pitcher. The southpaw was dominant as a set up man and closer for Tacoma.

The Fifty-Cent Hardware
MVP- Bucky Jacobsen
CY- Felix Hernandez
ROY- Jesus Guzman
MOY- Dan Rohn, Tacoma

Gold Gloves
1B- A.J. Zapp
2B- Mickey Lopez
3B- Greg Dobbs
SS- Oswaldo Navarro
C- Rene Rivera
OF- Chris Colton
OF- TJ Bohn
OF- Shin-soo Choo
P- Travis Blackley

Ones to Watch Down the Stretch
1B- Bryan Lahair
SS- Matt Tuiasosopo
2B/SS- Asdrubal Cabrera
2B- Yung-Chi Chen
SS- Adam Jones
C/DH- Ryan Christianson
OF- Chris Snelling
SP- Rett Johnson
SP- Paul Fagan
SP- Thomas Oldham
C- Dan Santin
OF- Casey Craig

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