Q & A: Vince Faison

InsidethePark.com introduces Mr. Vince Faison to the fans of the Seattle Mariners. Check out how Faison looks at his baseball future as a member of the Mariners organization. The former Padres farmhand joins Jason A. Churchill for a little meet-and-greet session.

InsidethePark.com: You've spent time at several stops within the organization this year. How has that affected your season?

Vince Faison: I've just been injured all season long. I pulled a ligament and a tendon in my shoulder and then I pulled my hamstring three times and I (really) pulled it the last time so they are just trying to get me some AB's where I fit in and I've been hurt all year so it's been tough to get at-bats and play a little bit. But now I'm healthy and I get a chance to play up here in Triple-A, so it's a good thing for me I think.

ITP: Coming over from the Padres organization what were your thoughts on being with a new club?

VF: A new environment, a change of scenery (means) a new opportunity, a better opportunity. I think it was best for me to be traded. This organization (Mariners) is giving a lot of guys a chance, a lot of opportunities, and hopefully I can be one of those guys in the near future or next year. It just worked out that I could be put in Triple-A to show these guys (Mariner Brass) what I can do.

ITP: What kind of role might you play here in Tacoma, a team amidst a pennant race?

VF: We've got five outfielder up here so it's just about getting in where I can. Probably do some DH'ing, playing left and right field. Whenever they play me and put me in the lineup I'm going to give a 110%. It really doesn't matter, I'm like a role player but if I keep swinging the bat the way I'm swinging it, I know I'll play some.

ITP: Tell Mariner fans what kind of player Vince Faison is?

VF: In the past I was more of a dead-pull hitter, but now I hit the ball all over the field. Extra-base hits, a lot of doubles, triples, and home runs, which is kind of my goal now as a hitter.

ITP What type of defensive player is Vince Faison?

VF: Defensively I want to try to catch everything that's hit in the air. That's balls hit in front of me, behind me, unless it's a home run.

ITP: Is there a spot in the outfield your more comfortable in than other two?

VF: No, I'm comfortable anywhere out there in the outfield.

ITP: How about on the base paths, base stealing?

VF: I'm a pretty aggressive base runner. I like to, on a base hit, go from first to third. Base hit to center (I like to) go from second to home, and stretch a single into a double, and a double into a triple. I like to be aggressive when I'm out there on the base paths.

ITP: What one word best describes Vince Faison as a player?

VF: Versatile, I think.

  • In Faison's first start at Cheney Stadium, the 23-year-old belted his first home run as a Rainier, sending a deep shot into right-center field to give Tacoma their only run of the night
  • Faison was the San Diego Padres first-round draft pick in 1999 and was acquired by the Seattle Mariners in the return package for Jeff Cirillo prior to the 2004 season

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