Prospect Watch: Top 10 Player Names

The top 10 player names in the Mariners organization. This was a tough bunch to choose out of the dozens with fun and interesting names. If I forget to mention "hyphens" as a major bonus in names, please let me know.

10. Wladimir Balentien
Pronunciation: Vla-duh-meer Bal-en-teen
The Aruban-born slugger has one of those names. Once you hear it for the first time you never for get it.

9. Cesar Jimenez
Pronunciation: Say-zahr Him-in-ez
Never, ever pass up the name Cesar. Plus, Jimenez is a great name in itself.

8. Yung-Chi Chen
Pronunciation: Yoong-Chee Chen
Any name with a hyphen should be bronzed and patented.

7. Cha Seung Baek
Pronunciation: Chah-Sung Beck
Was this right-hander named after the 90's musician? I don't know but his name has a hyphen in it.

6. Shin-soo Choo
Pronunciation: Shin-soo Choo
HYPHEN! Besides, how many times do you see a name that provokes strangers to bless you after each time you say the name.

5. Ryan Rowland-Smith
Pronunciation: Ryan Rowland-Smith
Did I mention hyphens rule? This name rolls off the tongue as well as any in sports.

4. Ismael Castro
Pronunciation: Is-my-el Cas-tro
A Biblical first name with a dictator's last name. All it's missing is a hyphen.

3. Asdrubal Cabrera
Pronunciation: As-droo-bul Cab-rer-a
Cabrera is one of the more "baseball" sounding names in the game while Asdrubal just begs for a cool nickname. Any ideas?

2. Nibaldo Acosta
Pronunciation: Ni-bal-do A-cost-a
When the name has the word "bald" in it, the nicknames roll out like beer from a German tap on the first day of Oktoberfest. "Nibaldo". See?

1. Elpidio Guzman
Pronunciation:L-P-D-O Gooz-mahn
I think his parents just went with the more sophisticated spelling of their four favorite letters. "Elpidio" is it's own nickname. You have to love that.

A.J. Zapp, Luis Ugueto (Ooh-get-oh), Ryan Feierabend (Fee-air-a-bend), Vince Faison (Fay-Zahn), Michael Ciccotelli (Chick-oh-tell-ee), Cardoza Tucker, Mumba Rivera.

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